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Super Junior's Heechul Talks About EXO's Kris 'Neglecting' The Fans Trust

By James B | May 23, 2014 09:24 AM EDT

All this talk about EXO's Kris is not cooling down regarding him filing a lawsuit to his agency, SM Entertainment. With EXO's first solo concert initiating soon, Kris is not going to be attending the concert with his members; according to SM Entertainment. The agency has been trying to contact Kris, but, he is not responding. EXO's first solo concert begins on May 23rd and goes until the 25th.

On the May 22nd episode of JTBC's 'Ssul Jeon,' the issue regarding EXO's Kris came up. Heo Ji Woong initiated the conversation. Heo said, "We are interested in EXO's Kris and his lawsuit to void his contract."

After Heo said this, Kang Yong Suk brought up Hangeng's situation with Super Junior; which Heechul was the one that spoke on behalf of his members.

Heechul stated, "This situation is different. In Hangeng's case, Hangeng was only able to go on two broadcasts. Whether it was because he was the only international member, there were many difficult situations hindering Hangeng's activities."

After Heechul said this, Kim stated, "I feel like he also would have been lonely, so I think they recruited about four Chinese members [for EXO]."

Heechul agreed and responded, "In the case with Kris's situation, the problem is neglecting the fans' trust. With only a week left before the concert, all movements, choreography, and music have turned on their heads.

EXO has choreography for groups of six, but everything's become upside down. This is discourteous to fans that have been waiting. If you look at it a certain way, you could have predicted this a bit as there were incidents even before this. Even the fans know these parts, such as suddenly disappearing on stage, suddenly not appearing at the company even though he needed to promote, and [not returning to Korea] after going abroad."

Super Junior's Heechul is currently working as he is on the reality show, 'We Got Married - Global Edition.' He is playing as a married husband which his wife is Taiwanese Dream Girls member, Puff Guo. So, be sure to watch this two act as a beautiful couple.

Lastly, Super Junior has been doing solo activities. Their single "Swing," is currently their new song that is released; which fans are enjoying the new track.

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