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Singer Seo In Guk Holds First Taiwan Fan Meeting And Performs New Song, 'BOMTANABA' For The First Time

By Diana Shin | May 29, 2014 12:33 PM EDT

Singer Seo In Guk Holds First Taiwan Fan Meeting And Performs New Song, 'BOMTANABA' For The First Time

If singer Seo In Guk has plans to make his fans fall helplessly in love with him, he's succeeding.

Seo completed his first fan meeting titled "Live Show in Taipei 2014" in Taiwan on May 24, giving his devoted international fans the attention they so deserve.

1,000 fans attended the fan meeting where he sang a number of his hit songs including "No Matter What," "Saranghae U," "With Laughter or With Tears." The 26-year-old musician even debuted his new song "BOMTANABA" for the first time in Taipei as well.

"This is my first time holding a fan meeting in Taiwan. This will be a good memory that I will always remember," stated Seo In Guk.

After the singer heard about a fan who attended the meeting despite being sick, Seo ran down after the concert to personally greet the fan and take pictures.

During the course of the fan meeting, Seo In Guk invited the winner of his fan event to join him on stage as he gave her a hug and sang to her, according to Allkpop.

The "Everlasting" hitmaker also addressed his upcoming role as a high school student in the tvN drama "High School King."

The teaser for the new show was released on May 27, showing Seo In Guk as his character Lee Min Seok, who disrupts the routine of his normal high school life by leading a double life as the section chief of a large business, according to Yahoo Entertainment Singapore.

Seo In Guk, Lee Ha Na, Lee Soo Hyuk and Lee Yeol Eum were seen attending their first script reading at the CJ E&M Center in Sangamdong back in April.

Lee Ha Na will be playing the role of Seo In Guk's co-worker Jung Soo Young while Lee Soo Hyun will take on the role of management chief Yoo Jin Woo.

The drama, which will air on Monday and Tuesdays, will premiere on June 16. 



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