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After School's Uee, Fresh, Bright, and Sexy S-Line through Ceci Photo Shoot!

June 21, 2012 03:24 PM EDT

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After School's Uee revealed her fresh, bright, and sexy images through a photo shoot.

In the July edition of the fashion magazine CeCi, Uee was seen as the cover page model, revealing a photo shoot that showcased her sexiness.

The photo shoot also aroused much curiosity for the "wannabe" Uee, 'mini me' that filmed the photo shoot with Uee. The "wannabe" girl is Jung Hyun, who had come out with Uee in the Happy Pledis Love Letter album, and is already gaining much love from fans.

Uee and Jung Hyun together showed punky and bright images through this photo shoot as well. Though Uee is wearing casual clothing, her sexy body lines were still visible.

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