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miss A Suzy With Messy Hair, "So Lovely No Matter What"

June 25, 2012 02:23 PM EDT

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suzy / Credit: suzy

Singer and actress, miss A Suzy with messy hair is arousing curiosity from internet users.

In the KBS2 drama, "Big," which aired on June 24, revealed still cuts of Suzy with messy hair hiding behind a sofa.

In the still cuts, Suzy has her hair messed up and is looking at Gong Yoo behind a sofa with her eyes wide open. The Suzy that had only been showing confidence throughout the drama had shown a desperate and confused look for the first time, arousing curiosity.

Internet users commented, "What is the high-class idol doing there?", "How can she look pretty even in that condition?" and "Suzy's pretty no matter what she does."

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