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Idol Groups SHINee, SNSD, 2PM With Look-Alike Members?

June 26, 2012 04:57 PM EDT

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It's become more apparent that many idol groups have similar looking members.

Idol group SHINee's members Onew and Key look very similar, almost like twins. In the pictures, you can see that many of their facial expressions and poses make them look even more alike. Having similar performance outfit styles doesn't help in deciphering the two members.

Famous girl group Girls' Generation (SNSD) also have look-alike members, Yoona and Yuri! With their slim figures and same long hairstyle, it's easy to get confused between the two. In many pictures, they hold the same pose, as if saying, 'Don't we look alike'?

Even in popular idol group 2PM there are look-alike members. Junho and Wooyoung look very much alike, body wise and talent wise. Both members have great bodies and can both dance and sing with ease.

Girl group Secret's Sunhwa and Jieun and SISTAR's Bora and Hyorin are also being noticed as look-alike members. 

With all these similar looking idol groups, it may be harder competition for the members to become known. Member's would have to try harder in order to have their name known to the public, without being compared to another 'look-alike' member in the group. It has become a sort of culture within the K-POP world that groups wear similar clothes and hairstyles. It's safe to say that having individuality within a group is equally as important as being in an idol group.

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