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2NE1 to Begin Promotion in Japan "Will It Be the Birth of Legendary Girl Group?"

By Jenny Chang | July 01, 2012 10:26 PM EDT

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Girl group 2NE1 is at the head of the Korean Wave with the successful records they have made in Japan. From their debut, record sales, and even concerts have been setting the 'records'.

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First off, 2NE1 made their appearance in the September 2011 broadcast of popular Japanese TV 'Music Station', marking the beginning of their Japan promotion. 'Music Station' is the face program of Japan's AsahiTV. This program started in 1986 and still continues to air today.

2NE1's appearance on 'Music Station' did not simply signify musical debut through a popular program but had a bigger meaning of being the first foreign artists to make an appearance on the show even before the release of their album. 2NE1, who performed the song "I Am the Best", received praises from the local media who commented "A Korean girl group more powerful than expected has come to Japan".

Following their successful debut, 2NE1 continued to make records by sweeping the Japan Oricon Chart with their debut mini album.

The Japanese mini album NOLZA placed 1st on record sales chart just a day after its release on September 22nd, 2011. From the history of Korean idols in Japan, it was the first time anyone placed 1st place on Oricon with their debut CD. On top ot this, 2NE1 took home the 1st place on 'Oricon Weekly Chart' on the 27th, marking a successful beginning.

They also hosted a Japan tour following all their success made through the debut album. The tour originally was planned for 4~5 concerts, but due to the heavy volume of demands, they expanded the number to 6 concerts total. Starting from their first concert in Yokohama Arena on September 19th, 2NE1 went around three different cities for their concert for their tour.

Despite the fact that it was their first concert in Japan, 2NE1 attracted 700,000 audience members throughout the 6 concerts. This number set the records of bringing the largest number of audiences during for a debut live concert. The arena tour hosted by 2NE1 meant having continuous concerts in an arena that can hold over 100,000 people. Unlike other artist who usually start off in smaller settings then challenge themselves to an arena tour, 2NE1 started off holding their concerts in arenas, proving their popularity.

2NE1, who has been continously setting records from the moment of their debut, received the title of rookie of the year at the Japan TBS 'Japan Record Grand Award'. In merely three months following their debut, they were acknowledged by the Japan's entertainment industry.

Just last month, 2NE1 also received the 'Best Rookie Award' at the Japan 2012 'Video Music Awards(MTV VMAJ)'.

On the other hand, 2NE1 will begin their world tour starting from the concert in Seoul and go on to perform in total of 7 cities around the world. They will be the first girl group to host a world tour.

2NE1, who has already been nicknamed 'Album Killer' within Korea, is raising much expectations as to how much more they will influence the music industry as the leaders of the Korean Wave.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment

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