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SISTAR Hyorin Dismisses Her Own Member Bora? "She Looked Like a Country Bumpkin"

By Jenny Chang | July 03, 2012 07:28 AM EDT

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sistar / Credit: insult

SISTAR member Hyorin insulted her own member Bora.

On the 2nd, broadcast of KBS 'Hello', SISTAR and 2AM Jo Kwon made their appearances on the show as guests. On this day, MC Shin Dong Yup asked the members about their first impressions of one another.

To this question, Hyorin answered "I had good impressions of everyone. Dasom was so pretty and Soyoo was feminine and pretty".

Bora, who was listening to Hyorin compliment other members asked "What about me?", which much expectation. However, Hyorin answered "Bora looked like a country bumpkin", making Bora laugh out of embarrassment.

Dasom also added "Hyorin's bare face was very cute. But she looked like a bird because she had such big pupils".

Photo Credit: KBS

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