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CNN reports "South Korea K-pop takes off in the west"

Headlines 02.11.12 | 02:59AM EST

America's popular media CNN reported that SNSD had spread k-pop all over the world.

Lee Jun Ki and Yu Leea

Lee Jun Ki's New Girlfriend?

Breaking News 02.10.12 | 08:27PM EST

The media reports that Lee Jun Ki has been going out with Yu Leea, a former Miss Korea and actress.

2AM Sets New Standard For K-Pop In Japan

Breaking News 02.10.12 | 05:47PM EST

2AM is the first Korean group to do this in Japan. What is it?

Park Yuchun

JYJ Park Yuchun Denies the Rumor,"I Am Not That Idol Who Got Threatened!"

Breaking News 02.09.12 | 10:11PM EST

JYJ's Park Yucheon strongly denied the rumor that he is the idol who got threatened by an ex-girlfriend with a semi-nude photo.

Collaboration: SNSD's Seohyun and Yoon Gunon

Breaking News 02.09.12 | 05:46PM EST

It looks like these two are getting ready to make beautiful magic together.

Lee Jun Ki To Hold Fan Meetings And Release A New Single

Breaking News 02.09.12 | 05:29PM EST

He's baaaaaaaaaaaaack.

Big Bang In The Big Apple

Breaking News 02.09.12 | 04:31PM EST

WOW! More kpop stars are in NYC!

Kim Jaejoong Dubbed Korean Tarkan

Breaking News 02.09.12 | 04:07PM EST

This is surely the highest compliment to the awesome Kim Jaejoong.

SCANDAL: Kpop Star Getting Blackmailed For $890,000 By Ex-Girlfriend

Breaking News 02.09.12 | 02:13PM EST

AN ex, a wad of cash, and a nude video. What could go wrong?

Super Junior's Kyuhyun Showers The Needy In Rice!

Headlines 02.09.12 | 11:19AM EST

He donated over 2 tons of rice to the elderly and impoverished children.

Stars Back In New York: "Fashion King" Is Being Shot On Location!

Breaking News 02.09.12 | 10:55AM EST

Once again, New York hosts Korea's very talented stars,.

Ratings Miscalculated:37% Is Actually 42.5% For

TOTAL DOMINATION: 37% Overall And 42.5% Real Time Ratings For "The Moon That Embraces The Sun"

Breaking News 02.09.12 | 09:45AM EST

During the date scene, ratings soared to an astronomical 42.5%.

PICTURES: SNSD Performing "The Boys" At Music Bank Tour NOW!

Breaking News 02.08.12 | 04:56PM EST

Check out the first pictures from the Music Bank Tour in France which is going on right now.

South Pole Show "1N2D" To Start Shooting

Headlines 02.08.12 | 11:31AM EST

South Pole, here they come.

Kpop stars

Kpop Brings In A Staggering $794 Million USD Last Year

Breaking News 02.08.12 | 10:42AM EST

Kpop makes more money that anyone could imagine!

Azitax's Guerilla Marketing Works

Headlines 02.07.12 | 06:01PM EST

Wallpaper! Aziatax! Japan!

BREAKING: Teaser Released For New Girl Group EXID

Headlines 02.07.12 | 05:32PM EST

Sexy silhouettes are just the beginning.


U-Kiss Rules Japan Now Kevin And The Boys Hit Up France

Breaking News 02.07.12 | 03:27PM EST

OK Europe- are ya ready?

CNBLUE Rocks Japan Performing For Over 12,000 Fans

Breaking News 02.07.12 | 10:08AM EST

They were number one on the first day the album came out.

Girls' Generation The Boys

Girls’ Generation Making History to Release “The Boys” in France

Breaking News 02.07.12 | 08:53AM EST

Girls’ Generation that just finished their debut successfully in America will now release “The Boys” album in France on February 13.

Jang Geun Suk

Fake Jang Geun Suk Leave!

Breaking News 02.06.12 | 08:39AM EST

There has been a controversy about Jang Geun Suk's height.

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