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JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun Paparazzi Fan Assault, Release of Audio File Containing Verbal Abuse

Breaking News 03.06.12 | 12:56PM EST

The audio file clearly records Park Yoochun's and Kim Jaejoong's verbal and physical abuse.

INFINITE Nam Woohyun Donate to His School

Breaking News 03.03.12 | 02:13PM EST

INFINITE member Woohyun who is attending Dong-An Institute of Media and Arts as a broadcast and entertainment major revealed he will donate all of the money received during the welcome performance for incoming freshman to the school.


Brown Eyed Girls' Gain Lingerie Shooting Photo Revealed

Headlines 03.03.12 | 01:59PM EST

Gain member of Brown Eyed Girls, was casted as main model for a lingerie brand 'Yes' in January, and the company released video of her photos which was not released before.

Big Bang Rice Donation

Big Bang World Tour, Abundant with 13 Tons of Rice ‘Harvest’

Breaking News 03.02.12 | 01:33PM EST

The tons of rice sent by the fans for the group Big Bang has made it an abundant 'harvest.'


Netizens worry for U-Know Yunho upon Jun Ji Hyun's wedding announcement

Breaking News 03.02.12 | 02:30AM EST

Netizens are showing different reactions to top star Jun Ji Hyun's wedding announcement.

Wondergirls YeEun Laughts Off Kim DongWan's Remark

Wondergirls YeEun Laughs Off Kim DongWan's Remark

Headlines 03.01.12 | 01:38PM EST

Wondergirls YeEun acted cool against the harsh remark of the soccer commentator Kim DongWan.

MC Mong Returns From US, Court in March

MC Mong Returns From US, Court in March

Breaking News 02.29.12 | 11:11AM EST

Singer MC Mong returned from his trip to the States, anticipating a court visit in mid-March. to Accelerate 2NE1 U.S. Debut Album

Breaking News 02.27.12 | 05:08PM EST

Black Eyed Peas leader and producer came to Korea to accelerate 2NE1’s U.S. debut album.

T-ara Music Video

T-ara's Music Video 'Cry Cry' and Lovey Dovey' Hit 10M Views

Breaking News 02.25.12 | 05:17PM EST

T-ara's music video 'Cry Cry' and 'Lovey Dovey' has total of 10million views on YouTube.

miss A

Girl group miss A reveals the real image of JYP

Breaking News 02.24.12 | 11:33PM EST

miss A shares that JYP image shown in 'K-Pop Stars' is really how he is

VIDEO: K. WIll "I Need You"

Breaking News 02.24.12 | 12:36PM EST

Be the first to check out this amazing new video from K. Will!

Even A Blizzard Can't Stop Them: 2,000 Fans Rushed To Meet TVXQ

Breaking News 02.22.12 | 03:34PM EST

TVXQHas very loyal fans.

Hey American Fans, Want A TVXQ Fan Meet?

Headlines 02.22.12 | 01:55PM EST

Calling All Fans! You are needed here.

Girls' Generation Wins Two Awards!

Headlines 02.22.12 | 12:41PM EST

This really is their year.

1st Gaon Chart K-Pop Award

Winners of Gaon Chart 1st K-Pop Awards

Breaking News 02.22.12 | 10:32AM EST

The Korea Music Content Industry Association announced the winners of “First Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards” on February 22.


Breaking News 02.22.12 | 10:25AM EST

The music video Blue draws over 1.5 million YouTube views!

Son HoYoung Confession:

Son HoYoung Confession: "I dated a member of a girl group"

Breaking News 02.22.12 | 07:04AM EST

On the cable channel KBS Joy Quiz Show 'The Chair Korea' aired on the 22nd, Son HoYoung revealed many things that he could not have revealed during the days of god.

Did Blush Beat SNSD In A Fair Match Up?

Headlines 02.21.12 | 07:12PM EST

Some similarities, some differences. Which hold more weight?

FIRST EVER Asian Girl Group Hits Number 1 in US, Beats Girls' Generation

Breaking News 02.21.12 | 02:22PM EST

And no, it isn't SNSD, the Wonder Girls, or T-ara.

Kara's Kim Gyuri

KARA's Park Gyuri Gets Ready for Surgery

Breaking News 02.20.12 | 03:11AM EST

Park Gyuri will be getting a surgery to remove nodules and polyps found in her vocal cords last November.

Block B

Block B’s Apology for Thailand Interview Controversy

Breaking News 02.19.12 | 07:17PM EST

Block B gave their official apology regarding their controversial interview in Thailand.

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