BTS Jin Owns Up To Being 'Worldwide Handsome' As He Addresses 'Third Member From The Left' Moment

Breaking News 05.25.17 | 08:38AM EDT

BTS member Jin recently caused an internet buzz when he went viral as "the third member of the left," when the K-pop group attended magenta carpet of the Billboard Music Awards.

Kim Woo Bin and Shin MIn Ah

Shin Min Ah Will Stick By Boyfriend Kim Woo Bin As He Undergoes Cancer Treatment

Breaking News 05.25.17 | 09:01AM EDT

It seems like a scene straight from a drama but Shin Min Ah is not going anywhere and is sticking right by her man as he goes through a trying time.

Kim Woo Bin

'The Heirs' Star Kim Woo Bin Diagnosed With Throat Cancer; 'Wiretap' Delays Filming To Make Way For Actor's Treatment

Breaking News 05.25.17 | 08:14AM EDT

"The Heirs" star Kim Woo Bin has been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and will be undergoing drug and radiation treatments soon. The news was confirmed by the actor's agency Sidus HQ in a statement.


BIG BANG's G-Dragon To Release Solo Comeback In June Before 19-City World Tour, YG Confirms

Breaking News 05.25.17 | 07:59AM EDT

G-Dragon will be releasing his solo album before kicking off his "G-Dragon 2017 Concert: Act III, M.O.T.T.E," world tour this June 10. This was confirmed by YG Entertainment through a source.

DIA To Debut In Japan

DIA Reportedly Offered 2 Million Dollar Contract To Debut In Japan

Celebrities 05.24.17 | 09:23AM EDT

DIA is offered to sign a 2 million dollar contract with an entertainment company in Japan. Meanwhile, MBK Entertainment reportedly is still discussing whether or not to take the offer.


TWICE's JYP Entertainment to Buy New Building Along with Group's Success

Breaking News 05.24.17 | 06:28AM EDT

JYP Entertainment is getting a new building. And the label is mainly reaping the rewards of their artist TWICE's global earnings.

Suhyun and Lee Hi

Sandara Park, AKMU's Suhyun, Lee Hi To Host New Variety Show 'Relationship Appeal'

Breaking News 05.24.17 | 09:46AM EDT

2NE1's Sandara Park, AKMU's Suhyun and Lee Hi will be headlining a new show on the OnStyle Network entitled "Relationship Appeal." The three YG artists are expected to launch the show in July.

Park Joon Hyung

Nude Photos Of Park Joon Hyung's Daughter Leaked Online

Breaking News 05.24.17 | 09:43AM EDT

Nude photos of g.o.d member Park Joon Hyung have been leaked on the internet but unlike many celebrity scandals, there is no need to worry. Park Joon Hyung himself posted the image of his daughter and granted her permission to appear nude, but just once.

Rain and Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee Confirmed To Be 15 Weeks Pregnant! See How Her Baby With Husband Rain Will Look Like

Breaking News 05.24.17 | 06:32AM EDT

Kim Tae Hee's agency confirmed that the actress is 15 weeks pregnant. The "Yong Pal" actress and husband Rain are expecting their first child soon.


iKON Explains 'Bling Bling' Concept in BTS Video; Fans Blame YG For iKON's Weak Chart Performance

Breaking News 05.23.17 | 08:23AM EDT

iKONICs, iKON's official fandom is blaming YG for iKON's poor chart performance despite catchy new songs in comeback album. Fans believe iKON should have been exposed in Korea more in the past year to sustain their previous momentum.

How BTS Manages To Reach 5 Million Twitter Followers

How BTS Manages To Reach 5 Million Twitter Followers

Celebrities 05.23.17 | 01:02PM EDT

BTS hits another milestone as they finally reached the 5 million followers mark on their Twitter account.

Everything To Know About Ha Ji Won's Prowess In Kissing Scenes

Everything To Know About Ha Ji Won's Prowess In Kissing Scenes

Celebrities 05.23.17 | 01:12PM EDT

Ha Ji Won has just been reported to be the most awkward kisser in the Hallyu world.

How BTS Beat Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande And Selena Gomez In Billboard Music Awards

How BTS Beat Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande And Selena Gomez In Billboard Music Awards

Celebrities 05.23.17 | 01:06PM EDT

BTS has achieved another milestone as it has beat famous American celebrities in the recently held Billboard Music Awards night.

'Descendants  Of The Sun 2' Might Not Have Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Because Of 'The Heirs 2'

'Descendants Of The Sun 2' Might Not Have Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Because Of 'The Heirs 2'

Celebrities 05.23.17 | 12:51PM EDT

"Descendants of the Sun 2" might not star Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo because they might be the stars of "The Heirs 2".

Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo

Song Joong Ki And Song Hye Kyo Wedding Might Happen Before 'Descendants Of The Sun 2'

Celebrities 05.23.17 | 01:00PM EDT

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo are reported to soon be tying knot before "Descendants of the Sun 2" happens.

BTS' Jin caught attention at BBMAs for his handome look.

BTS' Jin Went Viral After Being Called 'The Third Guy From The Left' At Billboard Music Awards

Celebrities 05.23.17 | 01:27PM EDT

BTS' Jin stood out the most among other members for his handsome look. He was called the third one from the left at BBMAs and it went viral on social media.


BTS Wants To Have Stadium Tour Like Michael Jackson, Work With HIGHLIGHT

Breaking News 05.23.17 | 08:32AM EDT

Following BTS' momentous win at Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards, BTS is thinking up of reaching bigger goals for the future of their music. Among those goals is having a stadium tour similar to Michael Jackson's world tour.

Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo Dating

Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo Dating: Song-Song Couple Having Rough Patch? ‘Werewolf Boy’, ‘Full House’ Star To Reunite In New Drama

Celebrities 05.23.17 | 07:13AM EDT

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo could be having a rough patch. The couple reportedly ended their relationship over a jealousy. Meanwhile, another report revealed that the couple will reunite in a new drama.

Gummy Shuts Down Breakup Rumor

Gummy & Jo Jung Suk Still Going Strong, ‘The Quintessential Man’ Songstress Shuts Down Breakup Rumor on ‘Hello Counselor’

Celebrities 05.23.17 | 07:38AM EDT

Gummy's new single "The Quintessential Man" gets everyone to suspect for the worst for her relationship with Jo Jung Suk. Fortunately, Gummy stated that she and her boyfriend are still in love even after 4 years of dating.

Park Shin Hye 2017 Asia Tour Flower of Angel

Park Shin Hye Kicks Off '2017 Asia Tour Flower of Angel' Fan Meetings In June; All Proceeds Go To Charity

Breaking News 05.24.17 | 08:49AM EDT

"The Heirs" actress Park Shin Hye is all set to embark on her Asian tour next month to hold fan meetings in different countries beginning June 10. The actress has named her tour "2017 Asia Tour Flower of Angel".

BTS Billboard Music Awards 2017

BTS Fans Offended By Hate, Racist Comments On Billboard Music Awards Win

Breaking News 05.23.17 | 07:45AM EDT

While the BTS win for Top Social Artist category in the recently held Billboard Music Awards marked a milestone for the K-pop industry as a whole, not everybody is celebrating their victory.

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