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TVXQ Fans, Get Ready for SMTOWN Live Concert 2012 in LA!

TVXQ Fans, Get Ready for SMTOWN Live Concert 2012 in LA!

Reviews 05.18.12 | 02:36AM EDT

One of the TVXQ fan group 'Continue TVXQ's YouTube channel 'We Are T' released a tutorial video yesterday that guides attendees of SMTOWN concert 2012 in Los Angeles of what to do at the event venue as TVXQ fans. Inside of the video, there are three important steps to take to be on the right path.

K-pop Invades Even Primary Schools in Singapore, Razor TV Reported

K-pop Invades Even Primary Schools in Singapore, Razor TV Reported

Interviews 05.17.12 | 05:42PM EDT

Students at Yew Tee Primary School in Singapore from 3rd to 6th grade are allowed to take K-Pop dance as one of their curricular activities. And it seems that more than 40,000 students have expressed their interest to sign up for the class.

SM Entertainment 'Every Sing' Selected by CNN as Popular Place to Visit in Korea

SM Entertainment 'Every Sing' Selected by CNN as Popular Place to Visit in Korea

Breaking News 05.17.12 | 02:00AM EDT

CNNGO lists 'Best of Seoul to go visit, hear, test and feel it all while visiting Korea, SM Entertainment's 'Every Sing' located in Apgujeong was introduced as recommended shopping & attractions place to visit.

Girls' Generation (SNSD), KARA Have Most Beautiful Leg Lines

Girls' Generation (SNSD), KARA Have Most Beautiful Leg Lines

Buzz 05.17.12 | 01:29AM EDT

According to 'Foot Management Institute' after a research with 414 women between their 20s to 50s in Japan, Girls' Generation was selected as all 9 members have beautiful legs while KARA shows fof their healthy legs that allows the group to be able to dance actively.

2NE1's 3rd Anniversary Celebrated by Global Fans on Twitter

2NE1's 3rd Anniversary Celebrated by Global Fans on Twitter!

Buzz 05.16.12 | 04:06PM EDT

Global fans of 2NE1 celebrated the group's 3rd anniversary together online. At 12am on May 17 KST, 2NE1's fan club Blackjacks gathered on twitter and trend #3YEARS2NE1 led by Worldwide Blackjacks gathering the fans celebration messages for 2NE1.

HyoYeon, Park Bom, No Wonder They're Getting Prettier.. Plastic Surgery?

SNSD Hyoyeon, 2NE1 Bom, Getting Prettier

Hot Issues 04.14.12 | 05:58PM EDT

The list of stars that have become more pretty over the years is becoming an issue.

Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

Taeyeon-Tiffany-Jessica First Sub-Unit of Girls’ Generation? SM “Nothing Has Yet Been Confirmed”

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 04.12.12 | 12:20AM EDT

Rumors of Girls’ Generation are planning to form a sub-unit with Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica causing whirlwind in the music industry.

Ha Ji Won Commits To Cornea Donation

Ha Ji Won Commits To Cornea Donation "Such a Pure Heart"

Interviews 04.09.12 | 04:28PM EDT

Actress Ha Ji Won’s commitment to donate her cornea after her death is becoming an issue.


Lizzy, "Being Investigated in Thai Police Station"

Hot Issues 04.09.12 | 10:20AM EDT

After School member Lizzy revealed a robbery incident that happened in Thailand.

Sohee, Sexual Stalker on Twitter: JYP

Sohee, Sexual Stalking on Twitter: JYP "Will Make Legal Actions"

Breaking News 04.09.12 | 08:18AM EDT

Wonder Girls Sohee was revealed to have a mention that was sexual, bringing shock to many.

'Strong Heart' Se7en,

'Strong Heart' Se7en, "I Broke Up With Park Han Byul Once"

Stars on TV / Movies 04.03.12 | 09:00PM EDT

Singer Se7en revealed his dating story with his girlfriend that he has been dating for 10 years now, Park Han Byul.


SHINee Ate CD? Their Singing is too Good!

Hot Issues 03.24.12 | 07:54AM EDT

SHINee showed their trade mark of power dance moves with splendor adlib. However some doubted of their lip synch, and it was revealed that SHINee indeed delivered a live performance through the video came out after deleting MR.


Infinite's Fan Manager is Going to be Kicked Out from Fans?

Breaking News 03.21.12 | 02:37PM EDT

Recently there is one posting updated on fan sites and blogs of Infinite with the titles of 'We request apology about the incident of fan manager and reveal the truth'


Shinhwa Comes Clean About Having Plastic Surgery Done

Stars on TV / Movies 03.13.12 | 03:08PM EDT

Group Shinhwa members came clean about the plastic surgery.


Shinhwa Members All Agree "We Are Against Open to Public Relationships"

Interviews 03.13.12 | 03:00PM EDT

Longest existing idol group ShinHwa all agreed that they are "against open relationships".

T-ARA Roly-Poly

T-ARA To Donate All Earnings From Japanese Single to Fukushima Disaster

Hot Issues 03.11.12 | 07:37PM EDT

Group T-ARA announced to donate their entire proceeds from their new Japanese single ‘Roly-Poly’ to the victims of Fukushima nuclear disaster.


Are KARA Kang Jiyoung and Ji Hyun Woo Really dating?

Stars on TV / Movies 03.11.12 | 04:01PM EDT

Ji Hyun Woo's hands around Kara Kang Jiyoung's shoulders are becoming an issue.

Big Bang

TIME Magazine Mentions Big Bang Again!

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 03.09.12 | 05:09PM EST

K-Pop music is truly making a splash and laying down the strong foothold as they cross over into America. This is proven as TIME once again mentions of Big Bang, who is leading the K-Pop phenomenon with the article, ‘Watch Your Back, Bieber” The Boy Band Is Making a Comeback.’

Big Bang Seung Ri Drops Out of College

Big Bang Seungri Drops Out of College

Hot Issues 03.09.12 | 01:22AM EST

Idol group Big Bang's Seungri has dropped out of school


JYJ’s Apology for Assaulting Fans

Breaking News 03.08.12 | 10:07PM EST

JYJ gave their official apology regarding their recent assault controversy.

JYJ Junsu

JYJ Kim Jun Su surrounded by sasseng fans shocking the netizens

Hot Issues 03.07.12 | 10:03PM EST

A photo of JYJ Junsu surrounded by sasseng fans(stalker fans) is becoming an issue among netizens.

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