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JYJ’s Apology for Assaulting Fans

Breaking News 03.08.12 | 10:07PM EST

JYJ gave their official apology regarding their recent assault controversy.

JYJ Junsu

JYJ Kim Jun Su surrounded by sasseng fans shocking the netizens

Hot Issues 03.07.12 | 10:03PM EST

A photo of JYJ Junsu surrounded by sasseng fans(stalker fans) is becoming an issue among netizens.


JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun Paparazzi Fan Assault, Release of Audio File Containing Verbal Abuse

Breaking News 03.06.12 | 12:56PM EST

The audio file clearly records Park Yoochun's and Kim Jaejoong's verbal and physical abuse.


Producer YYJ criticizes JYP via SNS

Buzz 03.05.12 | 07:18PM EST

Songwriter Yoon Young Joon criticized JYP through Twitter

Boys Out

Girls’ Generation Referred as Successful Role Model All Around

Hot Issues 03.01.12 | 10:22AM EST

The Girls' Generation seems like they have become a role model for everyone without limits.


Big Bang Raised the Status of K-pop in the World

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 02.29.12 | 10:29PM EST

U.S. iTunes Album Chart ranked Big Bang's new album 'Alive' number 7 with the release of the album on February 29.

F.T.Island Sues Cosmetic Company

F.T.Island Sues Cosmetics Company

Hot Issues 02.27.12 | 06:14AM EST

Band F.T.Island sued a cosmetics company.

dae sung

YG Tried Too Hard?

Hot Issues 02.25.12 | 10:24PM EST

YG might had an impractical plan for Dae-Sung.

block b

What May be a Right View Toward Block B?

Hot Issues 02.25.12 | 05:44PM EST

Block B's issue seems to have crossed the line when a simple mistake has grown into a discussion of taking another person's life.

Girl Group Vocal Ranking

SISTAR No.1, SNSD No.5, Vocal Ranking by Internet Users

Buzz 02.25.12 | 01:59PM EST

SISTAR's Hyorin achieved the highest score in each category wining top honors, Hae-Ri (Davishi), Jea (Brown Eyes Girls), IU, Taeyeon (SNSD) was followed.

Fans Complain Block B’s Interview Being Distorted

Fans Complain Block B’s Interview Being Distorted

Hot Issues 02.24.12 | 08:40PM EST

Fans complain that Block B’s interview have been exaggerated and blown out of proportion.

Son HoYoung Confession:

Son HoYoung Confession: "I dated a member of a girl group"

Breaking News 02.22.12 | 07:04AM EST

On the cable channel KBS Joy Quiz Show 'The Chair Korea' aired on the 22nd, Son HoYoung revealed many things that he could not have revealed during the days of god.

Did Blush Beat SNSD In A Fair Match Up?

Headlines 02.21.12 | 07:12PM EST

Some similarities, some differences. Which hold more weight?

Girls Generation

Girls’ Generation Nude Photoshopped Suspect Arrested

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 02.21.12 | 11:01AM EST

According to Seoul police the person suspected of spreading nude photoshopped photos of Girls’ Generation has been arrested on February 21.

Block B

Block B Leader Shaves Head to Show Remorse

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 02.20.12 | 11:08AM EST

Block B released apologizes on February 20 (local time) for their controversial interview held in Thailand. Now leader Zico took further actions to show the group’s apology.

Block B

Block B’s Apology for Thailand Interview Controversy

Breaking News 02.19.12 | 07:17PM EST

Block B gave their official apology regarding their controversial interview in Thailand.


Block B makes a public apology for their interview regarding Thailand

Interviews 02.19.12 | 06:41PM EST

Group Block B apologized for their attitude during the interview regarding the natural disaster in Thailand

2PM's Nikkun

2PM's Nichkhun Criticizing Block B's Interview

Breaking News 02.19.12 | 08:28AM EST

In his tweet, 2PM's Nichkhun appears to be criticizing Block B's interview in Thailand.

yang hyeon Seok

Big Bang Boosts Up the Stock Market

Hot Issues 02.18.12 | 11:33PM EST

YG Entertainment stock market has gone up significantly.

JYJ Documentary Release Confirmed

Breaking News 02.15.12 | 11:12AM EST

It was a rough battle but at least it ended with a victory.

Big Bang Making A Bang On TV!

Breaking News 02.14.12 | 11:17AM EST

Commercials, a Navier app, and a whole new image. Welcome back Big Bang.

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