Hot Issues

Park Eun Ji

Park Eun Ji With Shocking Hairdo and Makeup Is Almost Scary

Hot Issues 12.08.11 | 07:05PM EST

Park Eun Ji participating Beuty Expo

Seo Young Hee

Seo Young Hee Dresses As Santa Clause with Red Cape and Antler

Hot Issues 12.07.11 | 10:53PM EST

Seo Young Hee Dresses As Santa Clause for charity

Yoo Jin Ah

Yoo Jin Ah, Super Star K's 'Tee Girl", Selected for Cosmetics Model

Endorsement 12.06.11 | 08:13PM EST

Yoo Jin Ah will be a model for cosmetics

Jung Jong Chul's Wife Before and After diet. Is That Her?

Hot Issues 12.05.11 | 08:43PM EST

Jung Jong Chul's wife successful diet story

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