How BTS Beat Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande And Selena Gomez In Billboard Music Awards

How BTS Beat Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande And Selena Gomez In Billboard Music Awards

Hot Issues 05.23.17 | 01:06PM EDT

BTS has achieved another milestone as it has beat famous American celebrities in the recently held Billboard Music Awards night.

BTS Billboard Music Awards 2017

5 Things Every New ARMY Should Know About BTS

Hot Issues 05.23.17 | 07:23AM EDT

BTS has stolen everyone's attention since their winning at BBMA 2017. If you want to be a part of ARMY, BTS' dearest fanbase, there are 5 basic facts you should know about BTS.

BTS' Jin caught attention at BBMAs for his handome look.

BTS' Jin Went Viral After Being Called 'The Third Guy From The Left' At Billboard Music Awards

Hot Issues 05.23.17 | 01:27PM EDT

BTS' Jin stood out the most among other members for his handsome look. He was called the third one from the left at BBMAs and it went viral on social media.


BTS Takes Over Billboard Music Awards 2017, Fans Angered By Perez Hilton’s Remark On Members’ Sexuality

Trending News 05.22.17 | 08:01AM EDT

Fans are furious about Perez Hilton who asked if any member of BTS is openly gay. Meanwhile, BTS has just won Billboard's Top Social Artist award.


BTS Achieves Another Great Feat In Japan With 'Blood, Sweat, & Tears'

Hot Issues 05.18.17 | 11:00AM EDT

BTS has achieved another feat in their career as they became the first foreign artist in Japan to sell over 200,000 album copies.


BTS Reigns Billboard’s Twitter Top Tracks Chart & Dubbed As The Top Brand Value Of The Month

Hot Issues 05.15.17 | 11:58AM EDT

BTS is set to create another record on Billboard Music Award this month. Previously, the group has dominated multiple Billboard charts and even topped world's musicians.

BTS finally got their invitation to attend Billboard Music Awards.

BTS Members Went 'Gay' Over Rap Monster's Toned Body On Recent V Live Broadcast

Hot Issues 05.10.17 | 02:11PM EDT

BTS members can't help but praise Rap Monster's body on their most recent V Live broadcast.

The songs chosen for the position battle in

'Produce 101' Season Two Announced The Songs Chosen For The Position Battle

Stars on TV / Movies 05.10.17 | 11:51AM EDT

The next episode of "Produce 101" will be the position battle. Among the songs there are songs from BTS, iKON, BLACKPINK, and many more.

BTS for Billboards Music Awards

BTS Nominated For Billboard's 'Top Social Artist' Category, Bangtan Boys To Fly Back To America To Attend The Event

Headlines 05.09.17 | 11:16AM EDT

BTS is confirmed to fly back to America this month to attend the Billboard Music Awards for their nomination in the "Top Social Artist" category.

BTS For Teen Choice Awards 2017

BTS To Steal The Spotlight At Billboard Music Awards Alongside Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande & Rihanna

Headlines 05.05.17 | 03:25PM EDT

BTS is ready to bring home Billboard's Top Social Artist award. The top-selling K-Pop group recently confirms they will be attending the event on May 21.

LABOUM & Sajaegi Scandal

The Idol Groups That Were Accused Of Manipulating Charts: LABOUM, BTS & More

Features 05.03.17 | 10:40AM EDT

LABOUM is not the only K-Pop group that was accused of Sajaegi. Over the years, numerous idol groups have also involved in this scandal.


BTS Reigns Over One Direction As Billboard’s Best Performing Group

Features 05.02.17 | 09:29AM EDT

BTS is, hands down, the top idol group in the industry this year. After scoring multiple achievements, The Bangtan Boys are now eyeing Top Social Artist award in the upcoming Billboard Music Awards.

Bang Si Hyuk

Bang Si Hyuk Reveals The Hidden Truth To BTS' Massive International Success

Features 04.29.17 | 11:42AM EDT

Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk revealed the secret behind BTS' international success in a recent interview.

BTS For Teen Choice Awards 2017

BTS To Have Brother Group? Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang Si Hyuk Discuss The Possibility in Recent Interview

Features 04.27.17 | 05:53AM EDT

Big Hit Entertainment Bang Si Hyuk discussed the possibilty of BTS to have a brother group in a recent interview.

Big Hit Entertainment's CEO shared future plan to debut BTS' brother group.

Big Hit Entertainment's CEO Shared Plan For Debuting BTS' Brother Group + Asked ARMY To Support BTS On Billboard Music Awards

Hot Issues 04.26.17 | 07:24PM EDT

BTS is nominated Top Social Media Artist at BillBoard Music Awards. Check out the future plan from Big Hit Entertainment here!

Why Oh My Girl Feels Threatened With BTS And Big Bang

Why Oh My Girl Feels Threatened With BTS And Big Bang

Hot Issues 04.24.17 | 05:50AM EDT

The hit girl group, Oh My Girl, just posed for a couple of photos for CeCi's May issue.

BTS Most Viewed Combined Videos

BTS Settled To Be The Newest YouTube Most Viewed Group Of All Time

Trending News 04.22.17 | 07:00AM EDT

The BTS's video came out to be a successful one after PSY's "Gangnam Style" previous success. Rose to Billion hits all over the world.

BTS Reveals Surprising Secrets In Interview

BTS Reveals Surprising Secrets In Interview

Hot Issues 04.18.17 | 08:49AM EDT

Hit K-pop boy group, BTS, has finally revealed their secrets in a recently held interview.


KCON Confirms GFRIEND for New York Leg, Girl Group To Perform Best Hits & 'The Awakening' Title Track

Headlines 04.15.17 | 09:06AM EDT

KCON USA has added GFRIEND on their lineup of artists to perform in their New York convention.


BTS Members Vote Suga Would Be Perfect for a Long Distance Relationship

Interviews 04.14.17 | 08:06PM EDT

BTS members vote co-member Suga would be the perfect one to handle long distance relationships on an interview.

How Western Celebrities Use K-Pop To Become Popular

How Western Celebrities Use K-Pop To Become Popular

Hot Issues 04.13.17 | 08:49PM EDT

There are more and more western celebrities who seem to be using K-pop personalities to make them popular. Continue to read on to know more about the issue.

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