The Secret Behind EXO Beating BTS In K-pop Popularity Rankings Unveiled

The Secret Behind EXO Beating BTS In K-pop Popularity Rankings Unveiled

Hot Issues 03.06.17 | 07:35AM EST

The K-pop boyband, EXO, has just beaten its greatest rival, BTS, in terms of popularity ranking in South Korea.


EXO-L Defies Distance From City, Resorts to Imaginative And Unique Idea to Make Up For Lack of EXO Official Paraphernalia!

Trending News 03.06.17 | 07:29AM EST

An EXO-L has a hard time obtaining official EXO goods because he lives far away from the city, so the fan had to invent and come up other remedies.

EXO's Lay, Luhan

EXO’s Lay Urges Fans To Calm Down Following Luhan’s New Track About Sasaengs ‘Roleplay’

Hot Issues 03.03.17 | 09:43AM EST

Former EXO member, Luhan, recently released a new track "Roleplay" that expresses his disapproval about fans who cannot control themselves towards their biases. Meanwhile, Lay has demanded both fans and Luhan to hold back a little and try to understand each other.

G-Dragon Instagram

G-Dragon Gets 13 Million Followers On Instagram; K-pop idols Chanyeol, Taeyeon Reach New Milestones!

Headlines 03.02.17 | 03:16AM EST

G-Dragon is now being followed on Instagram by 13 million people while Chanyeol reaches 10 million followers, Girls' Generation Taeyeon also hits the 9 million mark in the wake of the release of her solo album My Voice.

EXO's Kai

EXO’s Kai Lands Leading Role In Japanese Drama Despite Backlash Over His Acting Skill

Hot Issues 03.02.17 | 02:57AM EST

EXO's Kai is reported to star in a Japanese drama "Spring Has Come" as a lead actor. The EXO singer previously has received a lot of backlashes from people on the internet because of his acting skill in web dramas.

EXO's Kai

EXO’s Kai to Play Korean Cameraman in Japanese Drama ‘Spring Has Come’!

Hot Issues 03.03.17 | 04:11AM EST

EXO member Kai will star in a new Japanese drama entitled "Spring Has Come." Read more about his role.

EXO, BTS And GOT7 Dominates K-pop Album Sales

EXO, BTS And GOT7 Dominates K-pop Album Sales

Hot Issues 03.01.17 | 07:21AM EST

The K-pop industry is truly flourishing not only in Korea but all over the globe. Now, EXO, BTS and GOT7 just proves that fact.

EXO's Chen

EXO’s Chen Is Taking A Break From His Group To Focus On His Study?

Hot Issues 03.01.17 | 07:20AM EST

EXO's Chen has been admitted to Hanyang Cyber University to pursue an MBA degree. Could this mean that Chen will be taking a break from EXO?

Park Bo Gum attends the 2016 LACMA Art + Film Gala honoring Robert Irwin and Kathryn Bigelow presented by Gucci at LACMA on October 29, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.

Park Bo Gum Tops Forbes Korea Power Celebrities of 2017

Hot Issues 02.28.17 | 02:52PM EST

Park Bo Gum is today's most influential Korean actor! He topped other celebrities in Forbes Korea's Power Celebrities of 2017.

Top Idol Groups For February

Top Idol Groups For February: BTS, TWICE, Red Velvet Claim The Top 3 Spots

Trending News 02.28.17 | 02:50PM EST

A recent study reveals that BTS, TWICE, and Red Velvet have made it to the list of the most successful idol groups on February.


EXO, GOT7, BTS Rule In Album Sales; BLACKPINK, TWICE Win Big At Gaon Chart K-pop Awards

Headlines 02.23.17 | 06:49PM EST

Boy bands EXO, GOT7 and BTS dominated the 6th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards, while BLACKPINK and TWICE represent for the girls.


6th Gaon Chart Music Awards: BTS, EXO Dominates, Brings Home Artist Of The Year Award!

Hot Issues 02.22.17 | 11:56PM EST

BTS and Exo dominates the 6th Gaon Chart Music Awards held on Feb.22 in Jamshil Indoor Gymnasium, Seoul.


Big Bang, Girls' Generation, BTS, EXO and More! Kpop Hits That Need Acoustic Versions Now

Features 02.22.17 | 10:05PM EST

Kpop stars perform acoustic versions of top hits exceedingly well and makes fans want a record of acoustic tracks as well. Big Bang, Girls' Generation, BTS, EXO, SHINee, lead the list.

Kpop Group

Kpop Groups With Non-Korean Members: EXO, 2PM, GOT7, and More!

Buzz 02.20.17 | 03:10AM EST

These Kpop groups, including Super Junior M, EXO, 2PM, and many others include non-Korean members.

Baekhyun and Soyou

EXO's Baekhyun, SISTAR's Soyou's 'Rain' Achieves All-Kill In First 9 Hours; 1 Million Youtube Views In 24 Hours!

Headlines 02.18.17 | 09:23PM EST

Baekhyun and Soyou's first collaboration achieves all-kill in Korean charts in first nine hours, 1 million views on youtube in less than 24 hours.


Indian Movie ‘Kannayya’ Receives Massive Backlash For Plagiarizing EXO’s ‘Growl’ And ‘Baby Don’t Cry’ Soundtracks!

Trending News 02.17.17 | 05:10AM EST

EXO's hits "Growl" and "Baby Don't Cry" are plagiarized by an Indian movie as its soundtrack. The soundtrack YouTube video has received a lot of backlashes from angry EXO-L all over the world.

EXO's Lay

EXO’s Lay Did This Lovely Thing On Valentine’s Day: Fans, Get Ready To Have Your Heart Melts

Hot Issues 02.17.17 | 05:08AM EST

EXO's Lay did an amazing thing on the day of love. He bought all of the flowers from a street vendor as Valentine's Day present for fans and his crew production members.

Xiumin - EXO

EXO Xiumin Effective '4 Hours' Lose Weight Method: Here's his Diet and Exercise Rules

Interviews 02.01.17 | 11:38AM EST

EXO Xiumin Super Effective “4 Hours” Lose Weight Method Revealed Now! Want to follow it? Check it out here.


SM Station Releases First Teaser For Final Track 'Curtain' Starring EXO's Suho

Trending News 01.31.17 | 09:40PM EST

SM Station recently released the first teaser clip for track "Curtain" starring EXO's Suho.

EXO arrive for the the MelOn Music Awards at Olympic Gymnasium on November 14, 2013 in Seoul, South Korea.

KBS News Anchor Apologizes For BTS And EXO Comparison

Buzz 01.30.17 | 11:55AM EST

The world wide web was recently bombarded with violent reactions from fans of BTS and EXO after seeing the statement of KBS news anchor, Park Young Hwan, where he compared the two boy groups. The said anchor recently released an official apology through his SNS account.

EXO’s Chanyeol and SEVENTEEN’s Woozi

EXO’s Chanyeol And SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Is Up To?

Trending News 01.29.17 | 11:16AM EST

EXO’s Chanyeol And SEVENTEEN’s Woozi just teased the world with their Instagram photo. Now all are wondering whether they are in a collaboration for something.

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