Lee Hyori

Yoon Dohyun and composite photograph

Rocker Yoon Dohyun apologizes to Lee Hyori for composite photograph

Headlines 12.13.11 | 03:34PM EST

A composite photograph of female pop idol Lee Hyori and rocker Yoon Dohyun was revealed on variety show.

Hyori Lee has been struggling with paparazzi and Jae-hyung Jung gives words of encouragement

Buzz 12.07.11 | 03:27PM EST

Jae- hyung Jung tells Hyori he will give her his “invisible cloak” for her to hide from the press.

Hyori Lee and Sang-soon Lee

Hyori and boyfriend Lee Sang-soon Considering Marriage?

Headlines 12.05.11 | 08:22PM EST

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang-soon openly revealed their relationship and possibilities of getting married.

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