Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2

Pitch Perfect 2 Is Coming Home; Aca-Awesome Comedy Hits The Right Notes; Pitch Perfect Sequel Directed By Hunger Games' Elizabeth Banks

Trending News 07.28.15 | 12:10PM EDT

Pitch Perfect 2 stars the returning stars, Oscar-nominee Anna Kendrick (Into the Woods), Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids), Brittany Snow (Hairspray), Anna Camp (The Help), Alexis Knapp (Project X), Hana Mae Lee ("Super Fun Night") and Ester Dean (Ice Age: Continental Drift) return as the girls who run the a cappella world, with Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit).

Rebel Wilson Real Age

Rebel Wilson Uses Wit To Answer Age Controversy; ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Star’s Classmate Speaks Up

Trending News 05.20.15 | 10:38PM EDT

Rebel Wilson displayed her trademark wit to address the age controversy started by the "Pitch Perfect 2" star's old classmate.

pitch perfect 3

'Pitch Perfect 2' Reigns Supreme At Box Office; Elizabeth Banks Talks Possibility Of Third Installment

Trending News 05.20.15 | 01:07PM EDT

It took a group of girls singing acapella to take down a behemoth in "Mad Max: Fury Road" as "Pitch Perfect 2" ruled the box-office. Director Elizabeth Banks, meanwhile, is already talking about a third installment.

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick Describes ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ As A ‘Lot Like School’; ‘Cups’ Singer Lends Comedic Skills For Red Nose Day

Trending News 05.14.15 | 09:36PM EDT

Box-office predictions are leaning towards "Pitch Perfect 2" as the likely big winner, and Anna Kendrick chalks up the franchise's success to the chemistry on the set. Meanwhile, the "Cups" singer gave back to charity by participating in a skit for Red Nose Day.

Anna Camp

Anna Camp Talks About 'Awesome' Relationship With Skylar Astin; Claims Boyfriend And 'Pitch Perfect 2' Co-Star Is Sweet

Trending News 05.12.15 | 10:20PM EDT

Anna Camp and Skylar Astin met and fell in love on the set of "Pitch Perfect" and now she's gushing about her boyfriend for being so sweet.

Elizabeth Banks

‘Pitch Perfect 2’ A Test For Elizabeth Banks? Veteran Actress Didn’t Audition For Directorial Debut?

Trending News 05.04.15 | 11:43AM EDT

Elizabeth Banks has worked hard for the more or less 70 roles that she acted; but the directorial debut for "Pitch Perfect 2" conveniently landed on he lap.

Pitch Perfect 3 Anna Kendrick

'Pitch Perfect 2' Spoilers: Barden Bellas Head To Boot Camp To Find Their Voice; Jesse, Becca Share Sweet Couple Time

Trending News 04.17.15 | 11:02PM EDT

With the odds stacked against them, the Barden Bellas is heading to boot camp to win a competition where the US team has never won. The new spoilers for "Pitch Perfect 2" also showed Jesse and Becca kissing.

Pitch Perfect 3

'Pitch Perfect 2' Cast Rebel Wilson Prepares For Movie's Third Installment; Will Anna Kendrick Also Sign Up?

Trending News 04.12.15 | 10:39PM EDT

"Pitch Perfect 2" will be released in theaters not until May 15, but Rebel Wilson has already committed to reprise her role Fat Amy for the third installment of the franchise. To date, Anna Kendrick has not yet signed on for the project.

Anna Camp and Skylar Astin

'Pitch Perfect 2' Spoilers: Anna Camp, Boyfriend Skylar Astin Spend No Screen Time Together; Elizabeth Banks To Reveal Singing Prowess?

Trending News 04.04.15 | 11:30PM EDT

Anna Camp and real-life boyfriend Skylar Astin won't have any scenes together in "Pitch Perfect 2," according to the latest spoilers, which also hinted that Elizabeth Banks may or may not sing in the sequel.

Skylar Astin and Anna Camp

'Pitch Perfect 2' Spoilers & News: Fat Amy Dolls Up For Her Crush; Cast Anna Camp Uncomfortable With Boyfriend Skylar Astin's Intimate Scenes?

Trending News 03.18.15 | 05:56PM EDT

"Pitch Perfect 2" spoilers and news reveal that Fat Amy, played by Rebel Wilson, is more conscious about her looks because of her crush. Meanwhile, Anna Camp confessed that she's not totally comfortable with boyfriend Skylar Astin having intimate scenes.

Skylar Astin and Anna Camp

'Pitch Perfect 2' Spoilers: Anna Camp Reveals Character Aubrey Posen Now A Working Girl; Riff-Off Going To Be Epic

Trending News 03.04.15 | 09:41PM EST

"Pitch Perfect 2" spoilers reveal that Anna Camp will be less of a nervous wreck as newcomer Chrissie Fit promised that a riff-off by the Barden Bellas with the other acapella groups in the sequel will be "epic."

Skylar Astin and Anna Camp

'Pitch Perfect 2' Star Skylar Astin Inks Role In Comedy Series; Actor Plays Doting Boyfriend As Anna Camp Opens New Off-Broadway Show

Trending News 02.22.15 | 02:20AM EST

"Pitch Perfect 2" star Skylar Astin is branching out from the Treblemakers by starring in his own comedy series and also playing doting boyfriend to Anna Camp.

Anna Kendrick

'Pitch Perfect 2' Cast Anna Kendrick Looking Forward To Growing Old In Hollywood? Actress Admits Struggles In Using Twitter

Trending News 02.19.15 | 10:42PM EST

"Pitch Perfect 2" cast Anna Kendrick wants to grow old in Hollywood even as she admitted that older roles are quite difficult to find. Meanwhile, the 29-year-old actress has found another calling: trying to find the perfect formula in Twitter.

Brittany Snow

'Pitch Perfect 2' Spoilers: Cast Brittany Snow Talks About Super Senior Character Chloe; Trailer Reveals Barden Bella's Take On Beyonce Song

Trending News 02.17.15 | 06:04PM EST

"Pitch Perfect 2" spoilers hint that Brittany Snow's character will get even "more dumb" as the released trailer shows the Barden Bellas taking on a hit song from Beyonce.

Pitch Perfect 3

'Pitch Perfect 2' Spoilers: Fat Amy Battles Wardrobe Malfunction; Barden Bellas Declare War Against Rivals

Trending News 02.10.15 | 11:43PM EST

"Pitch Perfect 2" spoilers reveal Rebel Wilson's Fat Amy suffering a major wardrobe malfunction in the middle of an acapella performance for the Barden Bellas, which declared war on their rivals to become the first US group to win the world championships.

Pitch Perfect 3

'Pitch Perfect 2' Spoilers: Green Bay Packers Channels Their Inner Beyonce; Rebel Wilson's Fat Amy's Humor Still A Hit

Trending News 02.02.15 | 07:58PM EST

"Pitch Perfect 2" spoilers and news reveal a cameo by players from Green Bay Packers, who channeled their inner Beyonce, as Rebel Wilson's Fat Amy is still a hit among fans.

Super Bowl 2015 Trailers: What Movie Showed The Best Footage During The Game Commercial? Watch The Video Clips Here

Super Bowl 2015 Trailers: What Movie Showed The Best Footage During The Game Commercial? Watch The Video Clips Here

Trending News 02.02.15 | 12:02PM EST

Super Bowl 2015 Trailers: What Movie Showed The Best Footage During The Game Commercial? Watch The Video Clips Here

Christina Aguilera Shows Off Baby's Chubby Legs In Instagram Post; 'The Voice' Coach Set To Appear In 'Pitch Perfect 2?'

Trending News 01.18.15 | 11:11PM EST

Christina Aguilera showed off her baby's chubby legs in a social media post as rumors alleged that "The Voice" coach will make an appearance on "Pitch Perfect 2."

Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Plot Spoilers: Barden Bellas Embark On Rivalry With Pentatonix? Sequel All About Acapella Authenticity

Trending News 10.15.14 | 10:19PM EDT

"Pitch Perfect 2" movie plot spoilers reveal the Barden Bellas will go head to head with Pentatonix as the sequel aims for acapella authenticity.

Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Plot Rumors: Barden Bellas Faces Stiff Competition; Casts Head To Acapella Bootcamp

Trending News 10.06.14 | 11:41PM EDT

"Pitch Perfect 2" movie plot rumors reveal that the Barden Bellas will face very stiff competition, as the cast heads to Acapella bootcamp.

‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Spoilers, News: Director Elizabeth Banks’ Sequel Goal Is ‘To Make A Good Movie;’ Cast Alexis Knapp Figures In Fire Accident

Trending News 09.29.14 | 09:13PM EDT

"Pitch Perfect 2" spoilers and news reveal that director Elizabeth Banks' goal for the sequel is just to make a good movie, as cast Alexis Knapp figured in a fire accident.


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