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BTOB Recieve Praise Fr New Sign Language Choreography

Headlines 10.20.17 | 08:04AM EDT

BTOB Recieve Praise Fr New Sign Language Choreography

Girl Performing Eminem’s

Girl Performing Eminem’s "Lose Yourself" In Sign Language Totally Rocks

Trendz 05.31.15 | 09:52PM EDT

She looks like she had a blast doing it which makes it all the more awesome!

Talking Twin Babies

Talking Twin Babies

Trendz 08.17.14 | 10:59AM EDT

Twin baby boys have a conversation. These boys do sign language and act like they are talking like big men does. See it for yourself and Enjoy!

Mandela Memorial Interpreter Speaks Out; Said He Saw Angels Come From Sky To The Ground

Trending News 12.16.13 | 05:50AM EST

“While I was working, I had a breakdown when I see angels come from sky to the ground, and I start knowing that I’m not well, because it’s not something possible,” he said.


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