Big Hit Entertainment's Site Hacked! 'Not Today' MV Replaced by 'Knock Knock'

Headlines 02.22.17 | 10:08PM EST

Big Hit Entertainment's official wesite has been hacked by unidentified culprits. Hackers replaced Not Today video with Twice's Knock Knock.

Big Hit Entertainment

Big Hit Entertainment Website HACKED! TWICE and BTS Fans Possible Culprit

Hot Issues 02.22.17 | 11:52PM EST

Big Hit Entertainment's official website has been HACKED! Fans of TWICE and BTS could be the culprit.


BTS, Twice Heats Up Competition On YouTube; BTS 'Not Today' Regains 24- Hour Record From 'Knock Knock'

Headlines 02.22.17 | 10:04PM EST

BTS' "Not Today" gives Twice's "Knock Knock" a run for its money and regains record for most number of views in 24 hours.

Kpop Group

Kpop Groups With Non-Korean Members: EXO, 2PM, GOT7, and More!

Buzz 02.20.17 | 03:10AM EST

These Kpop groups, including Super Junior M, EXO, 2PM, and many others include non-Korean members.


All Kpop Comebacks You Need To Watch Out For This February: ASTRO, BTS, 100%, Twice And More!

Headlines 02.20.17 | 01:54AM EST

Kpop braces for a stacked month for comebacks as BTS, Twice, Taehyon, ASTRO and 100% gear to release new material.


TWICE Sends Enticing Pajama Party Invitation In Music Video Teaser For 'Knock Knock'

Trending News 02.20.17 | 12:31AM EST

Twice, the South Korean sensational girl group have uploaded a music video teaser for "Knock Knock" and sends an invitation to join the party,

BTS reported to make comeback this February

BTS Sets New Record For Reaching 20 Million Views At The Fastest Time For 'Spring Day' Video

Headlines 02.18.17 | 09:26PM EST

BTS breaks record set by Twice's "TT" for the quickest time to reach 20 million views for their new video "Spring Day." Mountain of clothes in the video may carry deeper, darker meaning.

BTS reported to make comeback this February

BTS, Red Velvet, Block B, Zion.T And More To Make Comebacks This February

Trending News 01.28.17 | 01:29AM EST

Fans should ready to gear up for comebacks this February from idol groups BTS, Red Velvet, Block B, Zion T. and more.

K-Pop Concert In South Korea

TWICE Jeongyeon Ends ‘Inkigayo’ Hosting, Thanks Fans For Loyal Support

Trending News 01.30.17 | 11:36PM EST

Kpop girl group TWICE member, Jeongyeon, bid farewell to Inkigayo show. Showed gratitude to fans together with two other co-hosts.

[HD] 160217 iKON - My Type + DUMB & DUMBER @ Gaon Charts K-pop Awards

First Round Of Performers For Gaon Music Awards 2017 Revealed; Tickets On Sale By Feb. 2

Trending News 01.25.17 | 09:37AM EST

Top Kpop artists like EXO, TWICE and GFRIEND have been confirmed to perform in the upcoming Gaon Music Awards 2017.


JYJ's Jaejoong Prefers This Group Over TWICE

Headlines 01.24.17 | 03:19AM EST

In a recent fan meeting, JYJ's Jaejong reveals that he got 'more excited' meeting this girl group rather than TWICE.

TWICE cover for album TWICE Coaster

TWICE Will Give Surprise For Once By Releasing Special Album This February

Trending News 01.22.17 | 07:48PM EST

Twice is reported to release special album as an extension of the third mini album on February 20th. But the date may change according to their schedule.

‘2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships’ – BTS, Twice

37 Groups Grace ‘2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships’ With BTS, Twice Sharing Hundreds of Photos

Stars on TV / Movies 01.17.17 | 10:40AM EST

The infamous ISAC is back! This year is better than ever as more and more idol groups like BTS and Twice are present to compete for different medals and games.

Twice Tops January Value Brand

Twice Tops Value Brand This Month Plus Dances To Blackpink ‘Playing With Fire’

Stars on TV / Movies 01.16.17 | 09:03AM EST

Twice is the top value brand this month and has also hilariously danced to Blackpink's "Playing With Fire".

Twice Wins Daesang at 2017 ‘Golden Disk Awards’

What Happened During The 1st day of ‘Golden Disk Awards’

Stars on TV / Movies 01.15.17 | 07:32PM EST

Winners of the 1st day of ‘Golden Disk Awards’ 2017. Twice has won the daesang 'Digital Song of the Year' with "Cheer Up".

'TWICE LAND' Concert Poster

Twice Gets CF For Pocari Sweat And Finishes Filming In Australia Plus To Have A Concert

Headlines 01.11.17 | 03:26AM EST

Twice has landed a CF deal for Pocari Sweat. The members have also finished the filming in Australia. Twice will also be having their first solo concert.

Twice’s adorable and very sincere leader has once again been hurt by some of their “fans”.

Twice Jihyo Gets Sad By Fans’ Hurtful Words

Hot Issues 01.10.17 | 07:54PM EST

Twice's leader, Jihyo, was once again reprimanded by some of thier "fans" about her weight.


BLACKPINK Is A Few Million Views Away From Joining The 100 Million Club

Headlines 01.09.17 | 01:33PM EST

Find out which BLACKPINK MVs are nearing the 100 million mark.


BLACKPINK And BTS Dominate The List of Most Viewed Stages In 2016

Headlines 01.05.17 | 05:31PM EST

Here is the list of most viewed stage videos in the year 2016. The list was dominated by BLACKPINK and BTS this year.

JYP Protects Twice From Delusional Haters

Twice Antis Will Go 'TT' After JYP Takes Action Against Them

Hot Issues 01.06.17 | 12:49AM EST

JYP Entertainment is going to protect Twice and the mental health from delusional haters by suing them is caught.

Melon’s Most Liked Girl Group Songs of 2016 – Bolbbalgan4, Twice, Gfriend, Mamamoo, Red Velvet, Wonder Girls, I.O.I, and Blackpink

Melon’s Most Liked Girl Group Songs of 2016 – Bolbbalgan4, Twice, Gfriend, Mamamoo, Red Velvet, Wonder Girls, I.O.I, and Blackpink

Headlines 01.05.17 | 05:26AM EST

A list of Melon’s most liked girl group songs of 2016 – Bolbbalgan4, Twice, Gfriend, Mamamoo, Red Velvet, Wonder Girls, I.O.I, and Blackpink.

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