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‘One Direction’ Zayn Malik And Perrie Edwards New Tattoo 2014 [PHOTO]? Little Mix Singer Flashes Matching Yin And Yang Tatt Following Wedding Rumors

By Sara Guaglione | July 18, 2014 12:06 PM EDT


Did One Direction's Zayn Malik and Little Mix's Perrie Edwards get matching tattoos? Perrie Edwards was spotted with a yin and yang tattoo on her wrist, with the same design and in the same place as her fiance Zayn Malik's tattoo. Check out the comparison photo here! This new tattoo follows recent rumors that Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards had a secret wedding ceremony already!

In the video below, Perrie Edwards flashes what looks like a new tattoo on her wrist: a black and white yin and yang design. Her fiance Zayn Malik has the same tattoo in the same place. Did these two musical lovebirds get matching tattoos?

While we can't say for sure that Perrie's inking is permanent, we think the idea is cute! One reason we think this could be a temporary tatt is Perrie posted a photo on her Instagram of henna tattoos on her foot (potentially before her 21st birthday party), just days before the video above was posted. It's possible the yin and yang is just henna.

Meanwhile, Zayn and Perrie were bombarded with rumors that the couple had already celebrated their marriage in a secret wedding ceremony, after Zayn posted a photo of himself (on his newly public Instagram!) wearing a wedding band on his ring finger.

However, a One Direction rep confirmed that the wedding hasn't happened yet.

"Perrie and Zayn are not married. The picture shows his engagement ring" a spokesperson for the singer told MailOnline.

Zayn altered the privacy settings on his Instagram account on July 14, making his account public for all his fans to peruse.

According to the Mirror, this decision prompted a worldwide trend on Twitter, with the hashtag "#THANKSZAYNFORMAKINGYOURIGPUBLIC".

As we previously reported, according to, Zayn Malik has 41 tattoos in total! Perrie Edwards previously talked about Zayn's large cartoon tattoo of herself on his arm.

"It must be love to be honest," Perrie said about the ink. "When I'm away from him, I guess he can just take a look at his arm and remind him of me, so it's a lovely compliment, really. I love it, it's lovely."

The Little Mix singer also admitted during an interview with The Mirror, "I've always wanted tattoos, growing up seeing my dad and big brother all tatted. I think it's cool, but I change my mind too much."

"[Perrie] was shocked at first but loves it now," Zayn said of the tattoo. "She thinks I'm crazy, like everyone else does."

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