2NE1's New Song, Torn Between 'Fresh vs. This Isn't It'

There have been torn opinions within the fans about 2NE1's new song 'I Love You'.

Every time 2NE1 came out with a new songs, their fans have not held back their compliments. But for the first time, the fans have been torn between two opinions.

This situation is understandable because 2NE1's new song is a combination of electronic and trot. 2NE1 has always come back with sophisticated music, but many fans are not used to the fact that 2NE1 has chosen trot this time.

One fan said, "I didn't like it the first 5 times I listened to it but I got used to it", and another fan said "I don't think this is it, I don't like this song."

On the other hand, there were fans who loved it, saying "I got the chills the moment I first heard it" and "The song has its own attractive color that makes you feel very good."

Photo Credits: 2NE1

I Love You


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