‘Once Upon A Time’ Ginnifer Goodwin Weight Gain 2014: Pregnancy Before-And-After Photos Prove Not Every Woman Is Kim Kardashian After Baby Bump

Ginnifer Goodwin is back on the "Once Upon A Time" set with husband and co-star Josh Dallas, just two months after giving birth to their first baby, Oliver Finlay Dallas. New photos show that not every woman is Kim Kardashian after a huge baby bump, and that it can be very hard for a lot of women to bounce back to their original figures after pregnancy weight gain.

According to E! News, Ginnifer Goodwin and husband Josh Dallas recently returned to the "Once Upon a Time" set in Vancouver on July 16. The 32-year-old actor was seen carrying a baby carrier, but inside was a doll. Their real baby boy, who was born on May 29, was not on set.

Their characters Snow and Charming welcomed a child in the previous third season of the ABC fairy tale series, E! News reports, so it's likely the doll was a prop.

While one witness told E! News that "It appears Josh has been working out. He looks good," it was apparent from photos that Ginnifer Goodwin has some remaining post-pregnancy weight gain.

Fans have already commented on Ginnifer Goodwin's weight gain, and some don't have very nice things to say.

"Wow she put on quiet a weight! Time to eat healthy honey! Its better for your baby too! No sugar no carbs!" one user commented on the Daily Mail article.

"OMG..she is huge...should hide until she loses the weight," another said.

A more sympathetic fan wrote: "I feel for her, sometimes it really takes 9 months to 1 year to be back in shape, not everyone is so lucky to be back in their jeans 2 weeks later, that's why he best way is really to control what you eat during the pregnancy."

The photos above show that Ginnifer has indeed put on a few pounds, but we think she still has that post-baby bump glow and looks beautiful! But just for reference, this is Ginny before her pregnancy:

Not every woman can bounce back the way celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Kerry Washington did, showing off their svelte figures during red carpet appearances. Some women can slip into skin-tight dresses just weeks after giving birth to their baby, while others may have to work harder on shedding pounds. Check out these Instagram photos of Kim during and after her pregnancy:

Ginnifer Goodwin's baby bump was especially large, perhaps another reason as to why she still has some of her pregnancy weight gain left.

We bet Ginnifer and Josh will look amazing (whether or not she goes back to her pre-baby bump body) when "Once Upon A Time" season 4 premieres on ABC on September 28.

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