"I Love Myself" Key Words For Songs These Days

Singers are beginning to sing songs about themselves and how much they are proud of themselves.

In the songs, they talk mostly about challenging themselves, enjoying their success and overcoming obstacles.

On July 1, Super Junior's song, "Sexy, Free & Single" was released. This song talks about a successful life. In the lyrics, it says, "I come running out of breath, ending with a good note", "I'm a pretty ok guy...I'm an amazing guy" and other similar lyrics. This synopsis of this song is about a successful, sexy man that is enjoying his freedom. Although the song is about a successful man, you can see the connections it has with Super Junior being a world star in the world of K-Pop.

Leader Leeteuk commented, "This song was created by all the sweat and hard efforts of successful men. Sexy, free and single...girls would love this song. It could also be because we don't have girlfriends."

JYP Entertainment CEO, Park Jin Young's song talks about his challenge with acting. In his song, "I am an Actor, Movie Star," the lyrics say, "I am an actor. I am on the same level as Jang Dong Gun", "There are too many good looking actors" and "A new and unique face needs to appear."

This song was revealed on June 30 on tvN "SNL Korea" and officially released on July 1.

Big Bang's new album, Still Alive talks about how they are still "alive" even after all those incidents that happened last year.

In the song, "Still Alive," the lyrics say, "Although I may look like I am dying, I am not, I do not hide from other people's glare, I do not hide" and "My troubles are wonderful. I will throw myself in the air, I am free."

In the past, "I am the best" thoughts and lyrics were only seen in hip-hop groups. One official stated, "Due to many artists now writing their own songs, it is seen as a positive for fans to be able to see their skill as well as their confidence through their music."

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