‘Bones’ Season 10 Spoilers: Cast David Boreanaz Teases Agent Booth’s State; FBI Protégé Is ‘24’ Alum John Boyd

"Bones" season 10 spoilers hinted of Agent Booth's status when the show resumes this fall, as another FBI protégé will be added to the cast to be played by "24" alum John Boyd.

In a social media post, "Bones" season 10 cast David Boreanaz shared a photo of him as Agent Booth dressed in a prison orange suit behind bars. He is looking straight at the camera as he prepares for a scene. His looks dishevelled and sporting a full beard.

Meanwhile, TVLine revealed "Bones" season 10 spoilers when it reported the addition of John Boyd, who played Arlo Glass in "24," into the cast. John Boyd will play James Aubrey, a junior FBI agent who will work under Agent Booth.

"Aubrey is described as charming and unapologetically confident. While a great up-and-coming agent, he views everything as a stepping stone to something better. Booth is on a mission to tame him," the website said.

The introduction of a new protégé under Agent Booth raises a few interesting questions: does it mean that the conspiracy to take down Agent Booth and his team will unravel quickly? With Agent Booth playing mentor to a junior FBI agent, does that mean he's reinstated into the bureau?

Earlier, showrunner Stephen Nathan described the conspiracy theory like "peeling an onion skin" as the truth will slowly be revealed but not without consequences for the characters involved.

"Everybody is going to be evolving. It's a time in people's lives where they go, 'Let me find out what it is I really want and how I can be most valuable.' That's what we're drawing from for Season 10," he said.

Stephen Nathan dished out "Bones" season 10 spoilers to TVGuide when he said that they will do away with the typical serial killer route.

 The showrunner explained: "Booth is in handcuffs; Brennan has been taken into custody for questioning, and has been dragged away from Booth. The pain of their separation as well as the uncertainty of how this is going to play out is really how we wanted to leave the audience because it does a few things for us."

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