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Review: Park Ki Young & Acoustic Blanc's 'Bella Waltz' Is The Perfect Way To Spend The Afternoon [AUDIO]

By Colin Langenus | July 30, 2014 07:59 PM EDT


Released back in April, Park Ki Young & Acoustic Blanc's "Bella Waltz" is the perfect record for a chill day.

There's barely a drumbeat on this album, just great guitar playing, acoustic bass, some strings and the wonderful singing of Park Ki Young.

Young has made many records over the years, but this is the first using the band name Acoustic Blanc. And while Young's past records have spotlighted her beautiful voice over mellow music, this is the first that really goes all the way into an acoustic and jazzy direction.

I love how the record starts out; one-minute of a capella vocals that really put you in a relaxed atmosphere. It's the perfect introduction to the mellow music to follow, very welcoming.

"Bella Waltz" is a nicely orchestrated song that ends with a happy baby laughing. How much more mellow and positive can you get?

On "How Do You Feel" the guitar starts the song with some awesome flamenco style runs, and what follows is a relaxed swinging Spanish style jazz pop tune.

The record ends with the lovely instrumental "Nana," featuring some flat out kick ass guitar playing.

I have to hand it to the guitar player Lee Jun Ho. He plays some quite harmonically advanced and virtuosic guitar parts that never feel overbearing or pretentious. Ho lays the groundwork for the whole record.

But the star of the record is, of course, Young.

On "Bella Waltz," her 10th album, it is her voice that is determinedly front and center. And while it is a sound that can be enjoyed by anyone, this is not just simple pop music; it's a mature and adult record.

Acoustic Blanc is a collaborative effort. Young provides the focal point, but Ho demands your attention with his excellent guitar work. Bassist Park Young Shin also plays his part quite nicely and also contributed lyrics to the recording.

There's quite a bit of jazzy melodies on this record with an almost Parisian vibe.

I would like to hear Acoustic Blanc perform outside on a beautiful day, maybe sipping some white wine in a park on the Champs-Élysées and laying in the grass, a most pleasant way to spend the day.

Here's to you Acoustic Blanc! Here's to a succesful future.

Check the title track off Acoustic Blanc's "Bella Waltz"  album HERE

Listen to the song "To A Child Dancing In The Wind" RIGHT HERE

Colin Langenus is a guitarist and songwriter in several groups including Colin L. Orchestra, CSC Funk Band, and Usaisamonster. He also produces and engineers music at his recording studio in Brooklyn.

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