B.I.G's Benji Shows Off Julliard-Trained Violin Skills

Boy group B.I.G (Boys in Groove) member Benji showed off his superior violin skills.

B.I.G, who is currently active with their new song featuring all things Korean, showcased their vocal Benji to show off his violin skills.

Benji has been playing the violin since 4 years of age, receiving acceptance into Julliard School for his artistry.

The clip was posted on B.I.G and Benji's official SNS; Benji is an aspiring singer/songwriter who can already compose and write songs through his musical talents.

Benji is also tall and masculine but cute; female fans have been enraptured by Benji's charms.

B.I.G's agency GH Entertainment stated: "Benji is passionate for music; he has come to Korea 3 years earlier to be trained for B.I.G. Benji has already proved himself a worthy musician within B.I.G, fulfilling his role as vocalist excellently. Please continue to support Benji!"



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