3 Elements of Experiment in 2NE1's Comeback, Will They Work?

K-Pop idol group 2NE1 released their brand new song titled, "I Love You" on July 5 and became No.1 on almost every music chart. Since their debut, all four members of 2NE1 appeared as powerful and independent women. It seems as though, this time around, 2NE1 will captivate the hearts of both, male and female fans with their whole new level of charisma and talent.

1 More Lovely/More femininity

For the song, "I Love You," 2NE1 chose to come back with a sexy concept in order to successfully portray the emotions of a woman longing for love. "Sexy" is far from the previous concepts 2NE1 previously focused on since their emphasis was strictly on the quality of music and performance as well as their charismatic "girl-power" image. Hence, it is only natural that the level of anticipation building up for their official comeback is unimaginable, especially since our prediction of their image transformation is surely nowhere near impressive as what 2NE1 will actually bring to the table.

In order to deliver the emotions of a woman that are present in their songs, from their makeup to their facial expressions, everything about 2NE1 had to be taken up a notch. In the teaser images that have previously been released, all four members of 2NE1 are wearing glamorous makeup on their faces while wearing sexy but classy outfits that scream out the words lovely and feminine.

Regarding 2NE1's transformation, YG Entertainment stated, "One of the reasons we wanted to test this drastic change in their image is because we want to prevent 2NE1 from being trapped in their own image, unable to express or portray any other concept."

2 Mixture of Electronic & Trot

The concept of 2NE1's new song, "I Love You" is attempting to portray is the emotions of a woman who dearly longs for love. Although the concept is a cliché in the music industry, 2NE1 kicked it up a notch by creating a mix of trot (the oldest form Korean pop music) and electronic music.

The rhythm of trot, that is familiar to Koreans, mixed with the fresh and trendy feel of electronic music, clearly demonstrates 2NE1's willingness to take risks. The song will be easy on the ears of those who are unfamiliar with electronic music since the addicting rhythm of trot will be present.

"I Love You" was produced by YG Entertainment's very own, Teddy. The song contains lyrics like, "I want you to only care for me. Only smile at me. Don't make me feel jealous. Don't make me obsessive", which honestly and literally expresses the expectations of women in love.

3 Music, and Only Music

Recently, 2NE1 politely declined an invitation to appear on the SBS TV show "Running Man". YG Entertainment strictly announced that 2NE1 will not appear on any TV shows while they tour and perform in front of their fans with their new music."

It is very common, especially for idol stars, to appear on TV shows in order to promote their new album. However, 2NE1 has always been hard to see because of their introvert personality. Instead, their emphasis was put on music, and only music.

Sandara of 2NE1, revealed, "We're all very introverted and quiet in real life, unlike the way we present ourselves on TV so it takes a lot out of us to make TV appearances."

YG Entertainment released the statement, "Three weeks after the release of 'I Love You', 2NE1's second album will be released. Instead of releasing the album as a whole, we want to introduce one individual song at a time."

Meanwhile, 2NE1 will begin their global tour "New Evolution" at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium on July 28 and 29.

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