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Fans Fear f(x) Disbandment Due To Sulli's Absence And SM Contract Expiration

By Robert Kuang | July 24, 2014 08:19 AM EDT


Despite their most recent success, f(x) is plaguing fear among fans due to the upcoming expiration of their contracts.

On July 7, f(x) came back with "Red Light," a full-length album which has garnered great success, particularly for their lead single of the same name.

"Our music has unique concepts and lyrics, so it's not easy," said Victoria during an interview with The Celebrity. "However, it's unique and has a charm that makes you think about it with each listen."

"I personally really like the lyrics," added Luna. "It's not a love song, and I like that I get to do music that reflects the change in the times."

Most recently on social media and other f(x) articles, comments have begun to pop up fearing that the band will disband, as their 5-year contract will allegedly expire later this year.

"To be honest, I'm kind of scared to death that f(x) will disband this year," tweeted Kania on Twitter. "But deep down inside I know it isn't true, right?"

"Remember those Shinee disbandment rumors two years ago?" asked Fantastic on July 24. "Shinee pulled through and renewed their contracts. Hopefully f(x) will be fine too."

A possible reason for the disbandment rumors is Sulli's recent absences from live performances due to illness.

“Sulli has been sick since yesterday and although she has gotten better it was decided it would be better if she rested," said SM Entertainment to Mydaily. "She will not be filming for the next episode of ‘Music Bank.'”

"Stop spreading that Sulli is leaving f(x)," tweeted DrunkSehun. "You are all acting as if you want her to leave, and Sulli isn't going anywhere. Don't listen to rumors."

"First other f(x) members didn't mention Sulli in their award speech when she was supposedly sick, and now everything is cancelled," bemoaned wangfeels.

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