‘Lucy' Movie [VIDEO] With Scarlett Johannson Beats The Rock's 'Hercules!' 'Black Widow' Actress Action Flick Criticized As 'Limitless' Rip Off!

By Knox Stradler | July 27, 2014 01:51 PM EDT


Action thriller "Lucy" starring Scarlett Johansson won the box-office battle against the timeless "Hercules" with no less than 2013's box office champion Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson taking the buffed up title role.

Variety shares the numbers: "'Lucy' heading for a $38 million opening weekend - $10 million ahead of 'Hercules.'"

While "Lucy" is an interesting story in itself, the comparison between the movie and "Limitless" from 2011 which starred Bradley Cooper could not be ignored. There were already some rip-off allegations, but it did not seem to hold water because a lot of vital elements were different. For one thing, Lucy was forced to take the drug (being a drug mule), while Eddie Morra willingly became "Limitless."

Still the story centers on a "brain optimization drug" which centers on the notion that humans use only 10% of their brains. The drug will allow a human to access the entire 100% and the movie explores the possibilities of that effect. And of course, there will be mobs out to kill the main characters.

While "Limitless" only explored such abilities as learning a language, being a brilliant author, a stock market prophet and being very good with the ladies, "Lucy" seems to forget that Scarlett is not playing Black Widow here, as the effects of the drug make her virtually superhuman.

Grantland was amused enough to compare the two fake drugs in both movies:

CPH4 from "Lucy" has these effects on the title character: "develops the ability to do calligraphy, and to murder people with guns and thoughts, and to change the color of her eyes and hair, and to elegantly dismiss the life's work of Professor Morgan Freeman."

NZT 48 from "Limitless" has these effects on Eddie Morra - "He learns Italian, finishes his novel, masters the stock market, gets his girl back, bests Bobby De Niro, has nice blue eyes, and makes us believe that anything is possible."

Both films center on that-anything is possible. For "Lucy," it has already beat "Hercules" and that in itself is impressive.

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