SM Entertainment's Red Velvet Prompts Comparisons To Alleged Upcoming YG Girl Group Pink Punk

Recently, SM Entertainment unveiled new girl group Red Velvet, and some observers are already comparing it to the alleged upcoming girl group by rival record label YG Entertainment.

In July 27, a music video teaser was unleashed on SM Entertainment's official YouTube page for Red Velvet, a 4-member girl group featuring Irene, Joy, Seulgi, and Wendy.

“The group’s name Red Velvet brings together red, a fiery and seductive color, and velvet, which evokes feminine and soft images," said SM Entertainment according to Korea Herald. "As its name suggests, Red Velvet seeks to impress the world with its unique colors as well as polished music and performances."

The arrival of SM's latest girl group is also causing discussions amongst YG Entertainment fans on whether the alleged girl group Pink Punk will debut this year as well.

"I hope it won't be too long," wrote SBM on allkpop. "I'm really anxious to see more from the girls."

"I'm feeling possibly end of this year or beginning of next year," commented Moua23 on July 27. "SM already kicked off the third generation of the 'Big 3's' girl groups so I'm sure the other two will respond and release their too."

Without even debuting, there are already forum discussions comparing the two groups and seeing which one is better.

While Red Velvet will debut their lead single "Happiness" on August 4, the group will receive competition from YG Entertainment with Winner, the next rookie group from the company.

Reportedly, Winner will debut on August 1, just three days before Red Velvet.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet is already receiving backlash, as their debut will officially mean the abrupt end to f(x)'s promotions for "Red Light," which has been cut short due to member Sulli's wish to take a hiatus from activities.

"What about f(x)?" asked Ara Bernabe under the Red Velvet YouTube video. "Give my girls a concert and a fandom name before you release a new girl group! Don't be unfair to f(x)! They deserve better!"



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