Successful Completion of Legendary Idol Group Shinhwa's Asia Tour

K-Pop idol group Shinhwa, who celebrated their 14th anniversary this year with the release of their 10th album, successfully wrapped up their Asia Tour.

Shinhwa held a press conference at the Beijing Pullman West Wanda Hotel on July 6. The members stated, "We were all very worried about our comeback since we were gone for 4 years but I think people gave us a lot of credit just for the fact that we stayed together for 14 years." And, "We're very happy that we were able to successfully wrap up our tour and we wish we could release a new album every year and become Korea's representative idol group."

Shinhwa should be called, "Men of Will" for sticking together and maintaining their popularity in a 14-year-long period in the entertainment market that changes day to day. Each member has a unique personality of their own but all have a strong sense of loyalty and perseverance which is the reason why Shinhwa is different from the rest.

Shinhwa debuted in March of 1998 with "Troubleshooter" and haven't made significant appearances since March of 2008 when they celebrated their 10th anniversary. When Lee Min Woo completed his term of serving as a public service officer at the beginning of this year, Shinhwa members decided to work on an album together. On March 23, Shinhwa released their 10th official album "The Return" and returned to the entertainment industry after 4 years. They also established an entertainment company called "Shinhwa Company" and became even more motivated for their comeback.

With their return, Shinhwa began their "2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour-The Return" in Korea and continued to Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and China. An incredible number of fans who attended their concert clearly proved Shinhwa's K-Pop idol status that still followed them today. Although Hye Sung injured his knee and Jun Jin had to get back surgery, they completed their tour successfully with the support of their fans.

Regarding their future plans, Eric revealed, "We'll come back around the same time next year. Each member will most likely pursue their individual solo careers and/or acting careers."

Kim Dong Wan also stated, "Our goal as Shinhwa is to release an album every year. Personally, I plan to focus to my acting career."

Jun Jin added, "Most like, I think I will be preparing myself as MC and pursue my acting career in China."

Eric concluded, "Memories are the most important. It was an amazing feeling to see fans from the past show up to our concert with their husband and child. It even gave us goose bumps. This is something we could have never imagined when we first debuted."

Shinhwa will wrap up their tour on July 7 at the Beijing One Star Center.



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