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T-ARA So Yeon "Looks Gorgeous Even When She's Sick"

July 08, 2012 03:23 PM EDT

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T-ARA Soyeon / Credit: Soyeon Twitter

T-ARA Soyeon speaks about the condition of her voice.

On July 8, T-ARA's Soyeon updated her personal Twitter page stating, "At least we're done with 'Day By Day' but what am I going to do with 'Don't Leave Me'... Give me my voice back octopus lady!" and included a photo of her face.

Regardless of her condition, she successfully sang her heart out one stage at the SBS "Inkigayo" during the performace of "Day By Day" and "Don't Leave Me."

After T-ARA's performance on "Inkigayo," Soyeon updated her Twitter once again stating, "I tried my best. My voice came out a little better than I thought, all thanks to everybody who cheered for me. Ah, my voice needs to come back soon."

In the photo she included in her post, Soyeon looks sad and worried. Although she looks beautiful, Soyeon appears to have lost more weight, most likely as a result of her condition.

People in the online community who saw the photo responded with comments like, "You said your voice was gone yesterday but you gave a perfect performance", "The new song is awesome", "Prettier even though you're sick", and "You'll be okay".

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