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EXO-L And 5 Other K-Pop Fan Club Names That Make Sense

By Staff Writer | August 07, 2014 06:03 AM EDT


With the news of EXO's official fanclub finally being named, it's worth looking at some fanclub names that actually make sense. 

Some fans were upset that EXO's fanclub is "EXO-L" rather than "EXOTIC," as fans had started to call themselves, but the name makes a lot of sense from SM Entertaiment's point of view- the letter "L" is in between "K" and "M," like EXO-K and EXO-M. So the fans, according to the name are in between the members. "L" also stands for "love," hinting to the love between the members and their fans.

While those fans may be upset, EXO-L is an understandable fanclub. Here are a few more that make sense.


The YG Entertainment's girl group's fans are known as "Blackjacks," which makes perfect sense. In the game blackjack, players aim to get 21 points. 2NE1's music video for "Fire" also featured playing cards, pointing out the connection between the gambling game and the idol group.

 The connection between 2NE1's name and the word "blackjack" was so obvious that its fanclub ended up taking on the moniker.

Block B 

Block B's fanclub is known as "BBC." The group's fans aren't meant to be confused for the British Broadcasting Cooperation, but rather stands for "Block B Club."  BBC may actually be one of the most obvious K-Pop fanclub names out there.


While "Inspirit" isn't a real word or acronym like 2NE1 or Block B's fanclubs, INFINITE's fanclub's name literally breaks up into the wards "in" and "spirit." Even though fans aren't physically able to be by the side of their favorite idols, Inspirit is meant to signify that fans will always be support of INFINITE.


 With a name that's a play on the word "tiara," T-Ara's official fanclub name "Queen's" is similar to 2NE1's, since both are plays on words; a tiara is worn by a princess or queen. However, rather than being "Queens," T-Ara's fans are "Queen's," as if they belong to a queen. In this case, the queen is T-Ara.


While U-KISS's name actually has a lot of meaning behind it (Ubiquitous Korean International idol Super Star,) it's fanclub's name is pretty straight forward. Since U-KISS is "you kiss," the fanclub became "Kiss Me." 

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