2NE1, Ready to Prove Themselves as the Hottest Global Act with "NEW EVOLUTION"

YG Entertainment shared a glimpse of what to expect from 2NE1's Global Tour "New Evolution" but the level of anticipation has only gotten higher.

After a long wait, 2NE1 resurfaced earlier this month after the completion of their new album that will be unveiled piece by piece at a time. A representative from YG Entertainment revealed that they're trying out a new route for promoting the album by releasing one song at a time.

YG Entertainment released the statement, "2NE1 is ready to once again prove why they are one of the hottest global acts around by bringing the blockbuster 'New Evolution' tour to their fans worldwide."

It seems as though words are no longer necessary as expectations for 2NE1's Global Tour are already set way up in the sky. In all honesty however, no matter how high we set out expectations, considering 2NE1's history, they will offer everything they've got to go far beyond our expectations and shock the world with their impressive originality and talent without a doubt.

Ever since they first debuted in 2009, K-Pop idol group 2NE1 has always been in the headlines for their one-of-a-kind personality and style. Three years and countless awards later, 2NE1 has become today's one of the most popular K-Pop groups with an incredible amount of power to influence.

2NE1 has already been recognized worldwide as one of the most talented groups in the world. In 2011, 2NE1 was honored with MTV Iggy's "Best New Band in the World Award" and received media coverage internationally. Also, 2NE1's global success was proven once again when they performed in front of over 70,000 fans in Japan.

Regarding the staff for 2NE1's Global Tour "New Evolution", YG representative stated, "Choreographer Travis Payne, bandleader Divinity Roxx, stage designer Michael Cotten, and fashion designer Jeremy Scott have all come together to collaborate and work with 2NE1 for this tour."

Travis Payne is recognized as one of the most influential choreographers in the entertainment industry, not to mention his impressive background in working with world-renowned artists like Michael Jackson, Usher, Beyoncé, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez. Travis Payne, the four-time winner of "Best Choreography" Award from the MTV Video Music Awards, will be in charge of production and choreography for 2NE1's Global Tour.

Divinity Roxx, also internationally recognized for her charisma on stage, has prior experience working as the musical director and bassist for Beyonce's very own World Tour. During 2NE1's Global Tour, Divinity Roxx will be an influential power source of "New Evolution" as the main band leader.

Michael Cotton, another powerful name in the entertainment industry, was the major influence behind the production design for the Super Bowl, Olympic Games as well as Michael Jackson's "This Is It" Tour. The press release from YG Entertainment revealed, "Michael Cotton will bring his artistic vision to create an amazing production for the 'New Evolution' Tour."

Every aspect of the performances of the tour will be in the hands of the world-famous staff but what about the members of 2NE1? Don't worry, the list doesn't end there.

YG Entertainment revealed, "Jeremy Scott will be styling 2NE1 for their upcoming tour. He will be creating an all-new original collection for 2NE1 and their dancers."

Jeremy Scott is another global figure who has been voted as one of the 31 most influential figures in fashion by Face Magazine. He is recognized worldwide for his bold and striking designs and has prior experience working with countless world-renowned stars; among them are Madonna, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Kanye West.

YG Entertainment concluded, "With the ultimate dream team helping them to create the 'NEW EVOLUTION' tour, 2NE1 is ready to exceed the expectations of their fans around the world. CL, Minzy, Dara and Bom are ready to satisfy the growing anticipation for this tour by putting on a world-class, blockbuster performance in each city they visit. 'NEW EVOLUTION' is guaranteed to be a tour that 2NE1 fans will never forget."

2NE1's Global Tour "New Evolution" will kick off at the Seoul Olympic Stadium on July 28 and 29. Currently, there are 10 cities in a total of 7 countries scheduled for their tour but YG Entertainment previously mentioned a possibility of additional concerts added to the tour depending on the amount of requests from 2NE1's fans.


▶ Seoul, Korea
2012.07.28 (SAT) / PM 6
2012.07.29 (SUN) / PM 6
@ Olympic Gymnastics Stadium, Olympic Park
☞Ticket: http://www.gmarket.co.kr/

▶ Newark, New Jersey
Friday August 17, 2012 8pm @ Prudential Center
☞Ticket: http://bit.ly/O0FLOd

▶ Los Angeles, California
Friday August 24, 2012 8pm @ Nokia Theatre LA Live
☞Ticket: http://bit.ly/MffcnL

▶Osaka, Japan

2012.09.01 (土曜日) / 午後6時
2012.09.02 (日曜日) / 午後4時
@ 大阪城ホール、日本
☞Ticket: http://www.2ne1.jp/live/tour2012.html

▶Nagoya, Japan
2012.09.07 (金曜日) / 午後7時
2012.09.08 (土曜日) / 午後4時
@ 日本ガイシホール、日本
☞Ticket: http://www.2ne1.jp/live/tour2012.html

▶Yokohama, Japan
2012.09.11 (火曜日) / 午後7時
2012.09.12 (水曜日) / 午後7時
@ 横浜アリーナ、日本
☞Ticket: http://www.2ne1.jp/live/tour2012.html

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