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T-ARA Hyomin Receives Ice Cream Gift from Fan, "Stay Cool!"

July 09, 2012 07:48 PM EDT

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Hyo Min ice cream / Credit: Hyo Min ice cream

T-ARA Hyomin thanks her student fan for giving her ice cream. 

On July 9th Hyomin tweeted, "My stylist told me that during my drama shoot, there was an elementary student that kept walking around the van. Eventually the student left, leaving a plastic bag hanging on the door. I was really thankful when I looked inside and found ice cream. Thanks for taking care of me in the heat!" She poured out her thanks with a genuine heart.

In the photo is seen different kinds of ice cream one can see at the super market. The student's heart and care for Hyomin, who had to work in the heat, is captured through the photo.

Hyomin is currently working alongside actors Jun Mi Sun and Lee Chun Hee, among others, on the MBC drama, "The Thousandth Man", which will be released August 10th.

Internet users responded to the photo, "We look forward to 'The Thousandth Man,'" "Hope everything runs smoothly; don't get sick!" and "Stay strong, Hyomin!"

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