K-Pop Girl Group SISTAR Talks About Starship Entertainment's Diet Restrictions

K-Pop girl group SISTAR recently had their comeback with the track "Touch My Body" and shared what preparation the members has to go through to achieve their perfect comeback figures.

SISTAR appeared on the show "Entertainment Relay" on August 9th and gave fans some insight into their hard work.

The reporter asked the girls what they did to achieve their toned figures for the group's comeback. Hyorin shared, "The managers personally supervised what we ate during our trainee days. They even counted each slice of kimchi. We got so mad that one day Soyu and I took a bunch of salad and ate a lot."

SISTAR shared "We can feel [our bodies] are different from year to year. It wasn't so tiring last year."

Starship Entertainment, the girls managing agency is very strict when it comes to SISTAR's dieting, they make sure the girls look good all the time since fans have a strict eyes when it comes to their favorite idols in terms of personal appearances and fashion trends.

Have you added SISTAR's "Touch My Body" to your playlists? 

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