Neymar Girlfriend Gabriella Lenzi Chases Him To Ibiza After Bruna Marquezine Break Up Rumors? Barcelona Player “Hugely Happy” To Be Back Despite Injury

Neymar may have a case of two girlfriends on his hands! After Bruna Marquezine break up rumor started to spread after the Ibiza trip (during which he famously partied with Paris Hilton). Soon after that, Neymar found his former girlfriend Gabriella Lenzi partying it up in Ibiza. Is Gabriella Lenzi pursuing the Barcelona player now that the break up rumors are rampant?

Neymar and his girlfriend Bruna Marquezine’s break up rumor started spreading after her departure from Ibiza. As soon as Bruna, 19, was out of the picture, Neymar, despite his back injury, ramped up his partying. His Instagram included a picture with Paris Hilton, German Bastian Schweinsteiger and other girls hanging out on his boat.

Not only that, the Barcelona player ditched Bruna Marquezine’s birthday party. Something is definitely brewing here.

Gabriella Lenzi, who rose to fame when the selfie of her and Neymar in his walk-in closet appeared on the Barcelona player’s Instagram, serendipitously arrived in Ibiza after the break up rumors started to heat up.

Check out her pictures in Ibiza:

Gabriella Lenzi, 19, captioned the picture, “❤️ Ibiza”.

The Brazilian telenovela actress have been tagging her location as “Ushuaia Hotel Beach Club, IBIZA”. She took selfies in hotel concerts that featured Avicii and David Guetta.

Meanwhile Neymar, 22, has been settling into the Barcelona training sessions. FC Barcelona’s website reports that he has been overwhelmed by the attention that he has been getting. Despite his back injury, Neymar sounded pretty chipper on the website.

"I'm delighted with the affection of Barca fans, they are around the world, in countries that I never expected. It makes me hugely happy.

"I love much of what I do, which is playing football. For me there is a great pride in being part of the history of Barcelona - one of the biggest clubs that exists in the world.”

Who do you think will make the next move? Gabriella Lenzi or Neymar? Or will his girlfriend Bruna Marquezine jump back in the picture? Let me know in the comments below!

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