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Adele 25 New Album Coming Soon With A Tour For 2014; 'Surprise Release' To Hit On September 25?

By Nate Mardukas | August 13, 2014 08:00 AM EDT


Adele's new album "25" is expected to hit record stores any time soon and is actually rumored to be out this September 25. The singer is back after being "absent" in the music scene for countless months.

In recent reports, Adele is expected to pull a Beyonce on her latest work as sources suggest that the 10-time Grammy winner would most likely shock her fans with a surprise album. Rumors say that the new record would be entitled "25".

"The plan is to release internationally on iTunes as a complete surprise without any previous promotion or build-up publicity campaign," the source said. "The shock tactics worked amazingly well for Beyoncé and the feeling is Adele's new album is so widely anticipated it doesn't need a long promotional build-up."

After reportedly working for months during her hiatus, the soul singer allegedly claimed that her new album "could be released tomorrow if possible."

Meanwhile, reports from early this year said that Adele has been working with music icon, Phil Collins, for her latest album and is said to be really serious about her upcoming release.

In one of the reports, Collins revealed: "I've just started to work with Adele. She contacted me to write together." He continued with "I wasn't actuality too aware [of her]. I live in a cave [but] she's achieved an incredible amount and I really love her voice and I love some of that stuff she's done. So, to me, it's always an eye-opener. Educational."

It hasn't been really confirmed if Collins was doing a collaboration or the one producing the record but it will be surely be worth the wait for all the fans as it will be a joint force of two respectable artists in the industry backed up by a huge collection of awards and recognitions that made them the big stars of the modern times.

The "Skyfall" singer won another award for her James Bond song during this year's Grammys. Adele already has a collection of 10 Grammys including Best New Artist, Album Of The Year, Song Of The Year and Record Of The Year.

Once the new album '25' of Adele comes out, a 2014 tour is expected to promote the record. This will surely be something fans of Adele will look forward to.

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