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Top 3 K-Pop Entertainment CEO's Business Methods?

By Staff Reporter | July 11, 2012 08:36 PM EDT


As the Hallyu Wave takes over, the music industry has changed. The times where one had to keep an eye out for investors or business partners is now in the past. "K-Pop Stars=The Goose that Lays Money" is now the new motto. Every day, these entertainment companies receive mounds of documents asking them to sign their artists with their companies. 

These three top agencies, SM, YG and JYP, have been the main partners for businesses. However, these three companies each have their own colors. They all have different reasonings and methods in choosing partners.


YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk emphasizes his close relationships with his artists. During Big Bang Daesung's car accident, Yang Hyun Suk felt a panic disorder, showing his closeness with his singers. He is also believes in letting the coordinator proceed with their schedule. He is fast in deciding if the company is worth partnering with. Many companies have seen much growth after partnering with YG.

YG also emphasizes on culture and "the ways of life." He believes in making his artists into culture icons with overwhelming talent in genres that they are strong in. 2NE1's Dara suddenly goes from a pretty face to a half shaved head, proving YG's shocking reversals.

YG is also known for having their artists partner up with a variety of different companies from IT to fashion. These strange mixtures gain much attention and prove that YG is index a company that is not afraid to take a risk.


Out of the three, JYP can be seen as the best of the three. He is known in many parts of the entertainment industry. He commented that he has so many things he wants to do.

Unlike YG, Park Jin Young likes to partner up with companies that have a meaningful theme that holds a important message to the public.

You can see JYP's method with the Wonder Girls as they partnered up with Samsung. They were not only models for the new 3D Smart TV but also a gate for them to release their new music video. The commercial allowed them to show their music video through the tv screen and appear on screen at the Las Vegas Gallery for "CES 2012."

Above all, JYP's biggest method is that most of the ideas he comes up with himself. He designed and launched his very own JYP headphones. He advertised them by wearing them on the popular audition show, "K-Pop Star."


SM CEO Lee Soo Man uses a "all or nothing" type of method where he acquires or establishes a new company rather than partner with one.

An SM official stated, "If a company that he is partnered with ends up gaining a lot through our partnership, he would rather take over that whole company.

SM has been buying out business like crazy, making SM one of the biggest companies. They have taken over travel, fashion, food and film companies, making SM not only a music company but an overall entertainment company.

Due to his "all or nothing" method, fans from all over the world are now eating food by SM, buying clothes from SM and listening to their music.

Lee Soo Man even brought up the topic about making an actual "SMTOWN" but was not put through because it could take away from the artists fame.

It is no doubt that the Hallyu Wave has significantly helped these three entertainments grow. It does not look like the Hallyu will be dying down anytime soon. Until then, K-Pop will remain.

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