K-Pop Review : Spectacular by ZE:A

I have had a rocky relationship with ZE:A from the start. I want to like them so much but they have given me a hard time. When they debuted with "Mazeltov," I couldn't stand it, but it grew on me and I became somewhat of fan. Since then they have release so-so songs, nothing stellar. With this new album I really was hoping for a good album, and it was in terms of the song quality.

후유증 (Aftermath)

At first I didn't like this song, but after listening to it a couple times it grew on me. Its not my favorite song from the album and I think they could have promoted something else, but it's good.

Music Video

It's very easy to sense if someone has confidence or lacks confidence, and I can't believe that after all this time ZE:A still hasn't found any 'swagger'. I watched this MV multiple times and they all look so uncomfortable, which made me uncomfortable. They had no spice to them, no charisma, no presence. Even watching their music program performances they lacked confidence.

A big problem I have with this group is part distribution! Oh my goodness! I see Siwan, Kevin, Junyoung, Dongjun, Minwoo and Hyungsik multiple times in the video while I barely get a glimpse of Taehun, Kwanghee and Heechul. If a group is going to have this many members they need distribute the parts fairly to all members.

The MV for this song didn't match what they were singing about at all. In the song they talk about drinking and calling random girls and crying constantly because they cannot deal with the aftermath of their break up. In the video they're smiling, they are in bright colors and dancing around. I had no idea that this song was supposed to be sad until I found the translations.

"Coy Girl", "Daily Daily", "Body to Body" and "S.A.D (Something In A Dream)," these were the best songs of the album. They sound great, they're well written and I loved them. I wish they had chosen to promote one of these songs rather than "후유증 (Aftermath)."

Wrap Up

Listening to this album I loved every bit of it. These were quality songs and they sound confident and their voices are on point, but when it comes tovisuals ZE:A is lacking big time. Their MV and live performances were lacking the charisma they need to put this album over the top.

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