"Ghost" MBLAQ G.O Shocks Viewers with his Convincing Act!

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Lee Tae Gyun, the character played by MBLAQ's G.O falls into a state of panic after he becomes a murder suspect.

On July 11, on the episode of the SBS drama "Ghost," featured Lee Tae Gyun (G.O) panicking after being named as an official suspect for the murder of Yeum Jae Hee.

When Park Ki Young (So Ji Sup), Kwon Hyuk Joo (Kwak Do Won), and Yu Kang Mi (Lee Yeon Hee) find out Yeum Jae Hee is in danger, they head over to where he is. When they arrive however, it is too late.

After investigating the murder, the three detectives learn that Yeum Jae Hee met up with a detective within their unit. Ironically, the sign-in records as well as the security cameras at the location indicate that Lee Tae Gyun is the detective who contacted Yeum Jae Hee to speak.

Park Ki Young's team concludes that the spy within their unit is Lee Tae Kyun and begins to track his whereabouts. When they eventually locate him, Lee Tae Gyun is hiding inside of a bathroom stall shaking with fear.  

When Hyuk Joo questions, "Why did you meet with Yeum Jae hee?" Lee Tae Gyun turns pale and falls into a state of panic without being able to say anything.

In all honesty, Lee Tae Gyun had only wanted to ask Yeum Jae Hee why he killed a detective, but when they met up, Yeum Jae Hee suddenly had a seizure and died right in front of his face. Even though he had nothing to do with Yeum Jae Hee's death, the innocent and naïve Lee Tae Gyun was shocked and frightened.

The reason he couldn't speak or stop from shaking was because he clearly knew in his mind that even though he didn't do anything wrong, he was now an official suspect who could be charged with the murder. The only thing Lee Tae Gyun manages to yell out is, "I really didn't do anything!" and begins to cry out of frustration.

Right then, Yu Kang Mi sees the scene from the security cameras that show Yeum Jae Hee having a seizure that lead to his death. All in all, Lee Tae Gyun's innocence was proven and was no longer a suspect of the murder.

G.O, who plays the character of Lee Tae Gyun, impressed everyone with his significantly improved acting skills that sent chills down the viewers' backs.


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