‘American Idol’ Alum Josh Gracin In Recovery After Posting Alleged Suicide Note On Facebook

Former "American Idol" contestant Josh Gracin shocked fans recently when he posted what appeared to be a suicide note on his Facebook page.

Fortunately, what may have been a cry for help by the country music musician has led to Gracin "getting help."

"Please remember me as someone who gave his all in his music ... Pray for my family as they carry on in this world without me. Goodbye."

This is the message that appeared on Gracin's official Facebook page.

According to TMZ, police arrived at the "American Idol" season 2 contestant's home in Spring Hill, TN where the singer and former marine lives with his wife and four children.

When the officers entered the house, Gracin was reportedly not home. The singer's wife allegedly let the police inside and called her husband who promised to return to the house.

TMZ wrote that the police intercepted Gracin on his way home and indicated that the musician was "safe."   

Gracin's manager soon posted a message on the 33-year-old singer's Facebook page, addressing the situation.

"This is Josh's manager, Amy. Thank you everyone for your prayers & concern. Josh is safe & with his family now. I promise to update soon."

Another statement later appeared on the Facebook page, giving curious fans more information on Gracin's condition.

"As many of you know, Josh Gracin has been battling depression and as a result found himself in a personal crisis yesterday. Thanks to the outpouring of concern from family, friends, fans and the police, Josh was admitted to the hospital for observation.

"With family by his side, Josh has since been discharged from the hospital and has voluntarily checked himself into an inpatient facility to seek the help he needs.

"Josh has released the following statement:

"'I want to thank you all for your prayers and support. I take responsibility for my actions and apologize dearly for what I have put my family through. With the help of my family and friends, I am getting help. Again, thank you for your love and I will see you very soon.'"

News of Gracin's supposed suicide scare comes just a few weeks after another "American Idol" alum, 35-year-old Michael Johns, shockingly died of a blood clot in his ankle.  

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