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Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss Sisters? Dating? Best Friends? Roommates? Whatever Their Relationship, The NYC Besties Look Eerily Alike In Pictures These Days [PHOTO GALLERY]

By Jo Molloy | August 20, 2014 05:22 PM EDT

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Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss have been friends for a while now, but as time passes they are starting to become one in the same! The two have matching haircuts, identical fashion senses, beautiful looks, model-like physiques, and similar interests - could they be twins separated at birth?

"Shake It Off" singer Taylor Swift and Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss are best friends. The two, who both have residences in New York, are so close that they're somehow morphing into one another. Have a look at our extensive photo gallery to see the proof! The pictures range from different occasions throughout the past year, including their bonding in NYC, the pair's road trip, and the best friends' at high profile events.

Recently, the Daily Mail reported that the two were moving in together - and even potentially dating!

According to Gawker, "The Mail on Sunday reported that pop-country singer Taylor Swift was secretly shacking up with 22-year-old supermodel and close friend Karlie Kloss in Swift's Beverly Hills mansion. 'It seems the 24-year-old country singer has found her soulmate,' wrote columnist Charlotte Griffiths, relying on anonymous sources with (apparently intimate) knowledge of the pair's relationship. On Monday, however, her report was nowhere to be found. It had disappeared from the Mail's website, MailOnline, without explanation."

An excerpt from the Daily Mail article apparently said, "Victoria's Secret model Karlie, 22, moved in just a few weeks ago, with sources close to the singer telling me that the duo have since been 'completely inseparable. Taylor and Karlie have grown very close,' the source told me. 'They are inseparable. Taylor wanted someone to live with her, to have some company, and Karlie jumped at the chance to move in with her friend. They spent a lot of time together before Karlie moved in but now they are rarely apart. They do everything together, from visits to the gym to going on road trips."

A spokesperson later explained to Gawker that the rumors were completely false, saying "Karlie and Taylor do not live together and have no plans to live together. The Daily Mail did not verify the facts of the story prior to publishing it."

Still, despite the false rumors about Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss being 'intimate' roommates, they are without doubt the closest of best friends.

As can be seen from the pictures on our photo gallery, the two celebrities clearly love spending time together.

High fashion model Karlie Kloss recently bragged about her friendship with "22" singer Taylor Swift, explaining to Us Weekly, "She's true to who she is. She's such a special girl...I feel really lucky that we connected and our paths crossed. She's just a special girl...There's so much to do in New York. I love going to the ballet. Or a bike ride now that it's warm. There's a million and a half things to do in New York and that's why I'm so happy to have her here. It's good to have a friend."

It's good to have a friend indeed - and even better to have a sister!

We hope you enjoyed our photo gallery. Let us know about your favorite Taylor and Karlie moments in the comments section below!

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