f(x), Unique Lyrics and Addictive Sounds

5 member group f(x) stands out from most girl groups with their unique personalities and strange yet fun music.

They debuted in 2009 with their first digital single song, "La Cha Ta." At that time, their songs were much different from what other girl groups were releasing. Their earlier songs such as "Chu~" and "Nu ABO" grabbed people's attention with it's different sound. Later, with their newer songs such as "Hot Summer" and "Electric Shock," they became a hit as more people became fans of their music.

Their songs were accepted by the public around 2010 with their song "Nu ABO." In 2011, their songs "Pinnochio" and "Hot Summer" won first place on music charts and their popularity rose. This month, their new song, "Electric Shock" won first place three times in a row, giving them the title of "Triple Crown."

f(x)'s stage performances are just as unique as their music. They have a mix of girly and boyish members along with their unique outfits. Their goal when they debuted was to become Asia's best girl group. They will continue to grow and become known in not only Asia but all over the world.

Electric Shock


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