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This song has gotten the Wonder Girls quite a bit of attention from the Billboard website, to YouTube, to Akon, and Nick Cannon, but it has also gotten some criticism. Some listeners are complaining that this song is too "materialistic" and describes a love that they wouldn't want, but, despite this being a "materialistic" themed song it has been getting worldwide love. My question is, is this attention because of the song or because of it featuring artist? I happen to think this is a great song, and I could care less that it is object-oriented since this is a theme we find in a lot of American, and some Korean music. Why is it any different that the Wonder Girls do it?


Obviously the concept of this single was all about wanting someone to love them like they love cars, money, and other expensive things. It's a weird thing to want, yes I agree.My problem with this video was that it was all about expensive things but I don't see how the Wonder Girls being cyborgs fit into that catagory. I saw one expensive item and that was car that Yubin was driving.

They're singing about these expensive things but they're not around. Also, in the video and concept photos they looked more like zombies than cyborgs because of the bad makeup jobs they had. The black eye shadow under their eyes didn't scream money or cyborg it scream, I'm tired.


I find it strange that THIS is the song that's getting them so much global attention when they didn't really make that much of a dent with "Nobody" or "DJ is Mine." and those were a much better songs.This makes me think that people are flocking to it because of Akon. Wonderfuls can complain all they want and say that its popular because of their talent and beauty and whatnot but we can't ignore the facts.

Wrap Up

"Like Money" is no match for the Wonder Girls' past songs like "So Hot" or "Like This" in my book, but it was a decent and catchy song, and Akon's feature took it step further. I still can't say whether they are catching eyes for this single's shiny packaging called Akon or for the more popular theme but it's good and was a new sexier side of the Wonder Girls that I enjoyed seeing.

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