2NE1 Ready to Take On Billboard Hot 100

When you look at the July 21st update of billboard.com's 'K-Pop Hot 100,' 2NE1's "I Love You" is the current #1. This chart is the result of calculating album sales domestically between July 4th and July 10th. Perhaps this was to be expected. Despite the fact that 2NE1 is harder to see than other girl groups who are currently on the market, every new single that they release seems to reach the top very soon. 

2NE1 will start on their world tour, titled "New Evolution", starting with their Seoul concert which will be held on July 28-29. This is the first attempt at a world tour by a girl group, so the stakes are higher than normal. 

At this point, one would wish to make a more demanding request to their management. Fans worldwide are hoping that 2NE1 can make its way to the markets in the Americas in the nearest future. Last year, 2NE1 was chosen to be the Best New Band of 2011 by "Iggy" a program on MTV and they were able to perform live in New York in front of a very large audience, hinting at their potential for success on a world scale.

The focus is then on the type of music that 2NE1 continues to excel at. Currently, the worldwide trend is music that is a mixture of dance/hip-hop/electronica/rock and the majority of Korean idol groups are following that trend. However, 2NE1 and Big Bang continue to focus on what they do best, a mixture of rock and hip-hop, which allows them to transcend any exclusive "K-Pop" trends but is applicable to tranditional pop music, that can be heard all around the world. 

Recently, other idols have been working with foreign songwriters and producers to diversify their sound but 2NE1 and Big Bang, as the ones who pioneered the field for Korean groups, are still the best at what they do. The biggest obstacle of English isn't much of a problem to 2NE1, having released multiple English versions of their songs. They must remember, however, that in order to succeed in an American market, they must focus on the number of times their song is being broadcast on the radio. 

BoA, Wonder Girls and Big Bang have already been listed on the "Hot 100" and "Billboard 200" charts. However, their songs usually appear on the chart one week and disappear the next and no one wants that of 2NE1. Beyond the title of "K-Pop" star, 2NE1 will soon have to compete with singers like Maroon 5, Adele, Justin Bieber and One Direction. We hope that 2NE1 will soon pave the way to spreading the love for "K-Pop" worldwide and can also become a group that can reach the Top 10 of the "Hot 100" billboard charts, affirming their status as a worldwide favorite. 



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