KPOP IDOLS 2AM Jung Jin-woon, Kang Sora, T-ara Jiyeon, Sistar Hyo-rin are casted in“Dream High 2”

Dream High 2 will air January 30, 2012

On December 6, KBS ‘Dream High 2’ announced the cast for their new drama series. Key East and JYP entertainment collaborate once again to make another idol drama series with 2am Jung Jin-woon, Kang Sora, T-ara Jiyeon, and Sistar leader Hyo-rin as their main characters.

In this new drama, Kang Sora will be ‘Shin Hye-sung’, a training singer that learned music through books. Kang Sora is known to be the new blue chip in the entertainment industry as she starred in the famous movie “Sunny” and is starring in KBS drama “Home Women” and MBC tv show “We Are Married”. In an interview Kang Sora said, “All this time I have been acting and the fact that I have to perform also is making me nervous, but it is a new challenge that I am really nervous, yet excited for”.

In the new drama, 2am makne (youngest) Jung Jin-woon, famous for their hit songs: “Even if I die, I can’t let you go”, “You wouldn’t answer my calls”, will be Jin Yoo-jin, a trouble-maker training singer wanting to be a rock star one day. In an interview Jung Jin-woon said, “After receiving the scenario for the first time, I fell in love with the Jin Yoo-jin character. Especially because him and I have many similarities since I really like rock music also. I will try my best to emphasize the character’s charm as I act”.

T-ara’s makne (youngest) Jiyeon will be a member of a famous girl group called ‘Hush’ that dreams to be an actor that goes to the ‘Festival of Cannes’, but has a long way to go with her acting skills. Jiyeon said, “T-ara leader, Eun-jung gave me a lot of advice. I am already getting ready for Kirin High School”.

Sistar leader, Hyo-rin will be NaNa, a very talented girl. She will be the lead vocal of the group ‘Hush’ that has a secret no one knows. Because of this, many people are expecting a twist in the drama. Hyo-rin replies, “NaNa is a bold and blunt girl that is very similar to me. I am really looking forward to what is instored”.

“Dream High 2” will air on January 30, 2012.

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