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[PHOTO] Top 5 Near Naked Moments On Red Carpet Photo Gallery: Amber Rose, Rihanna, Rose McGowan, Lil Kim And Jennifer Lopez Expose Big And Wins Big

By Sophia Steele | August 28, 2014 01:45 PM EDT

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Here’s a photo gallery to commemorate all the brave women that have walked Hollywood’s red carpet to push the envelop on glitzy public wear. Turns out, birthday suit is one of the best outfits for not just drawing attention, but making a big statement during an awards show! Amber Rose, Rihanna, Rose McGowan, Lil Kim and Jennifer Lopez have all exposed big to win big at awards shows through history!

Check out the photo gallery below to witness the top 5 near naked moments on red carpet.

Most recently, Amber Rose wore little to nothing to this year’s MTV Music Video Awards to draw attention away from her nominated hubby Wiz Khalifa and to her curvaceous body. She wore nothing but chains to cover her essential private parts and to drape away at the rest.

Many have pointed to Rose McGowan’s totally bare outfit at the 1998 VMAs to show where Amber Rose got her inspiration. Rose McGowan went basically naked at the turn of the century MTV Music Video Awards, just a leopard-print thong to cover up her lady parts.

Rihanna did a glitzier version of Rose McGowan’s red carpet outfit for the 2013 CFDA. Instead of chains, she went for gems and fur. Not a bad upgrade. The singer often enjoys going topless and braless in public so she definitely felt right at home showing off her awesome body.

No one should leave out Lil Kim’s outfit (or lack thereof) at the 1999 VMAs. What’s up with VMAs and ridiculously exposing wardrobe choices? Anyway, she went mermaid naked for the red carpet, just a purple starfish-like pasty to cover up her left nipple. Miley Cyrus also paid homage to that outfit by replicating for her Instagram.

And of course, Jennifer Lopez. She has the most covered up out of all the other ladies, but that doesn’t meant that she was as breezy as the rest! Her 2000 Grammy Awards outfit was classic J.Lo, with plunging neckline and flowy fabric all around her. She likes her prints so she wasn’t about to sub that in with sheer material. Though that would have been far more eye-catching.

Who wore their birthday suit the best to the red carpet? Let me know in the comments below!

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