5 Seconds Of Summer Calum Hood Planned Leaked D**k Snapchat Pics? Sexually Frustrated Bassist Goes Wild On 5SOS North America Tour

5 Seconds of Summer boys may be a lot more sexually frustrated than we thought! After an intense bout of what seemed like a 5SOS North America tour, Calum Hood went wild and sent a Snapchat of his, ahem, ding-dong to a lucky (?) fan. 5 Seconds of Summer bassist didn’t even shy away from his display!

The other 5SOS boys just pretended that Calum Hood didn’t just do that.

A 5 Seconds of Summer fan uploaded a video on Vine of a Snapchat of Calum Hood’s penis. Of course, it’s taken down now, but according to Huffington Post, the fan flipped out and captioned the video, "CALUMS DICK I'M SCREAMING."

Yahoo reports that it looked something like this:

After the leaked Snapchat video spread like wildfire, Calum boldly came out on Twitter and admitted his mistake.

Calum Hood tried to casually play off his leaked Snapchat video, but the fans didn’t buy it. At least the 5SOS bassist was man enough to own his sexually frustrated moment. 5 Seconds of Summer has been on the road in the U.S. for about two months now, after an intense promotional period in New York and performing at this year’s VMAs. The boys were definitely feeling the cabin fever of tour buses and odd hotels. That plus four potentially sexually frustrated teenage boys cohabitating, it’s a recipe for a disaster. Calum Hood was the first one to blow the top! Some say that he may have planned the naked Snapchat leak this whole time, but it’s more likely that in the tour cabin fever, the 18-year-old bassists, in a moment of lost clarity, decided to flaunt his manly parts to an unsuspecting fan. Ashton Irwin, his 5SOS bandmate, should have been more careful in what he wished for.

Do you think that the 5 Seconds of Summer boys are getting more and more cocky (no pun intended) after their VMA win? Or do you think they are just sexually frustrated?

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