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Bon Jovi Tour 2014: Richie Sambora To Reunite With The Band After Leaving Last Year? Guitarist And Vocalist At Peace Now

By Nate Mardukas | September 04, 2014 07:40 AM EDT


Bon Jovi Tour 2014: Guitarist Richie Sambora quit the band on 2013 after getting a decision to continue with the tour last year or leave.

"The Bon Jovi machine had to go on. I could choose - join or leave. That's hard when you share joys and sorrows for 30 years."

A rift between him and front man Jon Bon Jovi was the reason for his departure and making things meet with the vocalist is also the reason he is coming back.

"There's no bad blood with me any more. I love Jon, and I still see the possibility of a return," Sambora told Life magazine. "There are just a few steps I want to - need to - take."

Sambora, after leaving the band, went on to venture and explore his own musical path and took a stroll with his solo project as he is currently touring Europe.

"I wanted to make my own music and I preferred doing a few shows with my own band. I said I wanted a break," Sambora says.

"It's hurt me that more and more untrue things have come out in the media. I just wanted calmer waters, and just do something for myself," he says. "We had just finished with another tour... (and) I saw a year of other priorities for me."

Sambora might be thinking really hard about going back with the band he co-founded with Jon Bon Jovi but as time goes by, his priorities seemed to change and his focus on his family needed more attention.

"We were the hardest working band in the world, man," he tells The Hollywood Reporter. "You're talking 24/7, and you don't get to come home. I missed so much of my child's life. And you get to that place where you realize, 'Oh my God, this is really important.'"

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